Arizona is known as the “Grand Canyon State”; which is one of the biggest draws for people planning a destination wedding in Arizona.  If you love the majestic beauty that Mother Nature can carve into the landscape, Arizona may be the ideal place for your ceremony. Of course, there’s the Grand Canyon and miles of beautiful desert landscapes. However, Arizona also offers many high class wedding venues to suit even the most formal events. Below, you will find some of the most popular places to check out when planning a destination wedding in Arizona. Additionally, I’ll cover a few unique venues that make it such a special state to celebrate your special day.

Best Venues for Planning a Destination Wedding in Arizona

These are my personal favorite options, but you can find a ton of great venues throughout the state. I’ve tried my best to pick locations to appeal to a diverse crowd. However, please don’t get discouraged if these options aren’t to your taste.

Grand Canyon Western Ranch

IMage of a Wedding at the Grand Canyon Western RanchAs we mentioned, many people are looking to get married in Arizona because it is home to the Grand Canyon. If this attraction is what is driving your decision for this state, the Grand Canyon Western Ranch offers the perfect venue for your needs.

Luckily, it’s beautifully nestled in the desert with a glorious backdrop of the Grand Canyon. So, your experience is complete with helicopter tours, horse-drawn carriages, private chefs, on-site hair and makeup stylists, and much more. Nothing is better than an all-inclusive wedding package! Located a mere 35 miles from Las Vegas, the location and seclusion of the Grand Canyon Ranch makes it an ideal choice when planning a destination wedding in Arizona.


Perhaps you are interested in something a little more classic and elegant. If so, you may want to consider Noah’s in Chandler, Arizona. It boasts a spacious wedding and reception hall beautifully decorated for the elegance required at most weddings; the perfect mix of charm and class. Also, it’s located near many great lodging options. Lastly, it’s only a short drive from the Phoenix airport. It is easy to see why Noah’s is so sought after when planning a destination wedding in Arizona!

This venue takes care of all the essentials such as tables, chairs, and catering. Additionally, they offer full setup and cleanup of your event so you can relax and enjoy your special day. They even offer a full outfitting of audio and video equipment along with a large projector screen! That way, you can share slideshows and enjoy your wedding music with no additional prep work.

Ocotillo Golf Resort

If you enjoy the idea of getting in a few holes during your wedding getaway, you probably already know that Arizona has some of the finest golf courses in the country. Ocotillo Golf Resort is one of Arizona’s premier golf resorts, which makes it an ideal choice for many couples when planning a destination wedding in Arizona.

This beautiful venue offers both an indoor ballroom and an outdoor event lawn. So, you have the freedom to choose from an indoor ceremony and reception or outdoors! Also, the Ocotillo Golf Resort features a bridal suit located right next to the venue. Many couples have a “mini” honeymoon in the days following their wedding without the need for additional travel. It eliminates the headache of rushing to get packed up and heading to the airport the next day.

Don’t Forget the Wedding Sparklers!

Since they are completely legal in Arizona, don’t forget to pick the perfect sparklers for weddings from our online catalog to enhance your evening! The desert sky is the perfect backdrop for a send-off or group sparkler display. Additionally, we can ship our products anywhere in the contiguous United States, so they can arrive before you do. Sadly, there aren’t very many places to buy sparklers in Arizona most of the year, but we have you covered!

No matter where you have your celebration, planning a destination wedding in Arizona is very rewarding. The stunning skies and glorious mountains are perfect for a romantic occasion. Additionally, the weather is always great and the flights and hotels are very inexpensive. Overall, there are very few alternatives that offer the same value for your money. Good luck, and enjoy your special day!