Personalized Wedding Sparklers with a Tag imageMany couples hand out sparklers to their guests, but often times it’s done with them in the ugly boxes that they were purchased in. Opting for personalized wedding sparklers is the best way to make them look amazing. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few companies out there that have decorative boxes for sparklers. They are specifically designed to match your wedding décor, but most times they will come in ugly containers designed for patriotic holidays. If that is the boat you are in, fortunately there are some simple ways that you can dress them up and have personalized wedding sparklers that will blend into your décor rather than stick out like a sore thumb.

Personalized Wedding Sparkler Tags

Sparkler tags are the fastest and least expensive way to dress up your wedding sparklers and add an elegant personal touch. The easiest route to take is to buy premade sparkler tags off of Etsy or another handmade craft website, but you can also choose to make them yourself with one of the many free templates out there. Making them yourself will be a little more costly and take a lot more effort, but you can customize what is printed on each tag rather than using “canned” text selected by the seller. You can optionally choose sparkler place cards instead of tags. They are much larger and slightly more expensive, but they will look amazing on your reception tables and really enhance your personalized wedding sparklers.

Custom Matchbooks

If you’re going to give your guests sparklers, then they will obviously need a way to light them. By purchasing custom matchbooks or boxes of matches, you can eliminate two problems. Not only will your guests have a simple way to light their sparklers with the matches, the custom printing on the covers will dress up your wedding favors. Then you can just ditch the sparkler packaging altogether and you instantly have an elegant presentation that will match your wedding décor. With very little effort, you should have no problem finding several places locally or on the internet that can print you custom matchbooks for a reasonable price.

Personalized Wedding Sparklers Packaging

If you really want personalized wedding sparklers that will stand out, you can go all out and have custom boxes made for them. This is by far the most expensive option, and if you plan to make the sparkler boxes yourself it will take a lot of time to fold each one by hand. If you look online, you should be able to find a company that will take care of printing and packaging your sparklers for you in a custom box, but it will likely be very expensive and you’ll need to plan for plenty of time to have them made and shipped. As long as you have the money and you’ve planned it well enough in advance, getting custom printed sparkler boxes is certainly a possibility that will make them look fantastic on your reception tables.

Personalized wedding sparklers are a surefire way to make sure they look great with the rest of your wedding decorations, but the task comes with extra labor and extra expenses. Before you decide where to buy wedding sparklers, you should carefully consider the packaging. The simplest and cheapest route to take is to just live with the packaging that they come in, but there’s no substitute for personalized wedding sparklers with tags, matchbooks, or custom printed packaging.


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