Out-of-the-Box Honeymoon Ideas - National ParkNow that you’ve said “I do,” it’s time for you and your spouse to go on that amazing vacation! It will mark the beginning of your married life together. There are plenty of standard honeymoon destinations: the cruise, the all-inclusive resort, the beach-side bungalow. And there are plenty of reasons to travel to say your vows, too. However, perhaps lounging on a beach drinking a piña colada isn’t quite your speed. Consider one of these more unconventional (and much more affordable) honeymoon ideas for a truly memorable newlywed experience.

National Park Tour

What better way to test the mettle of your freshly-minted relationship than combining two examples of extreme togetherness: the road trip and the camping trip? The long hours in the car and the solitude and beauty of our nation’s parks will really help you bond as a couple. After a few weeks of backpacking and sleeping outdoors, coming home will make the rest of your marriage seem like a vacation!

All kidding aside, there’s something to be said for silence, solitude, and natural beauty. After the stressful wedding planning and the craziness of the wedding day itself, it can be great. Pack books and board games, outlaw cell phones, and spend your time under the stars re-connecting with your lover.

Volunteer Honeymoon Ideas

The wedding was all about the two of you, so why not make the honeymoon about something bigger than yourselves? There are dozens of options available for making a difference while you celebrate your new marriage. Contact Habitat for Humanity to schedule a honeymoon full of rewarding hard work; one that will teach you some construction skills that might come in handy on your first home. You can also consider volunteering to build infrastructure in the Philippines, huts in Nepal, or caring for sick animals in a wildlife park in Africa. Honeymoon Volunteers has plenty of opportunities both foreign and domestic for newlyweds.

Thrill-seeking Honeymoon Ideas

If you only feel alive when you’re staring death in the face, a thrill-seekers’ honeymoon might be just the thing you’re looking for. All that adrenaline will definitely bind you and your spouse more closely together than ever before! Plus, you can really test that “‘til death do us part” clause right off the bat. Whether it’s bungee-jumping, skydiving, or whitewater rafting, Thrillophillia has the extreme experience to fit your extreme lifestyle.

The “Staycation” Honeymoon Ideas

While few words in the English language are more obnoxious than “staycation,” the idea behind the word is a good one. Why subject yourself to the expenses and stresses of travel if you can just cocoon together with your spouse and spend a few days cuddling? Order take-out, stay in your pajamas, and only leave your cozy bed if absolutely necessary. You should establish some ground rules to make sure the vacation is about your relationship. Turn off the cell phones and break out the Cribbage board. Or, binge all those series on Netflix you’ve been meaning to watch. There’s no shame in being a homebody, especially when you’ve just thrown a huge party for all of your friends.

When done right, a honeymoon is a welcome pause in the day-to-day routine. Also, it’s a chance to define your new relationship without the pressures of everyday life. You don’t have to “get away” to get away from it all; any activity that you can share with your new spouse can be a great honeymoon idea. So take a break! You earned it.