Orange Wedding Sparkler Holder Template imageOur orange wedding sparkler holder template is a fun and inexpensive way to add a special touch to your wedding celebration. While our wedding sparklers packaging is certainly elegant enough to fit with most wedding decor, some brides may want something that blends perfectly with their color scheme or wedding theme. Our orange wedding sparkler holder template may be the right choice to match your decor, or you can check out our other free wedding sparkler holder templates.

The color orange takes its name from the orange fruit. On the spectrum of light, and in the traditional color wheel used by artists and painters, it is located between red and yellow. Orange, along with red, yellow and black, was one of the first colors used by man in artwork. It was made with ochre pigments mixed with animal fats, and used to paint the walls of the famous Lascaux cave in southern France. It also makes very early appearances in Spain and elsewhere in Europe.

Free Sparkler Holder Template Instructions:

  1. Click on the link to the right and save the template PDF file.
  2. Open the file using Adobe Reader or another PDF program.
  3. Print by selecting “Actual Size” under the “size options”.
  4. Cut the sparkler holders out using some quality scissors.
  5. Using a razor, carefully cut along the slits on the holders.
  6. Place your sparklers in the holders through the slits.

HINT: for best results, print on card stock paper.

Items to Compliment your Holders