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Our number sparklers are the perfect way to commemorate your wedding date. Use them as cake toppers, wedding favors, or in photos to write out your wedding date.

  • One of our most versatile sparklers for weddings.
  • Sparkles in the color gold.
  • Lasts for approximately 1 minute each.
  • Steel wire construction for a smokeless wedding sparkler.
  • Perfect as cake toppers, wedding favors, or in photos to write your wedding date.


Our charming number sparklers are one of the most entertaining types of sparklers we carry and offer all sorts of great ways to be used. Many couples buy number sparklers for their wedding to be used in photographs to show their full wedding date or the year. Overall, it’s a fun way to commemorate your wedding day and have fantastic pictures to remember it.

Additionally, you can use our number sparklers for other holidays such as New Year’s Eve, anniversaries, or birthday parties. For instance, on New Year’s Eve, you can use them at midnight to demonstrate the New Year in glittering fashion. Similarly, at anniversary or birthday parties, you can place them on top of the cake to show the age of the person or how many years a couple has been married.

Any time you are having a celebration where you’re commemorating an age, date, or other numeral milestone, our number shaped sparklers will do the job nicely and really highlight the event like nothing else can. Each number sparkler is available individually in numerals 0-9 or as a complete set of all 10 numbers with one each of 0-9.

Why Buy Our Number Sparklers?

Whether you’re using them at your wedding or at another type of event, quality counts when it comes to sparklers. You can imagine writing out your wedding date or the year that you were married using these sparklers and one or more of them didn’t perform as expected. When you buy any of our wedding sparklers, we stand behind the purchase 100%. We are honored you chose our company to be part of your big day, and we strive to make it as easy and beautiful as possible to incorporate sparklers into the celebration.

Benefits of Number Shaped Sparklers

  • Available in all ten digits; 0-9.
  • Write dates, numbers, ages, and more in sparkles!
  • Their petite size makes them easy to handle; even for kids!
  • Steel wire construction and gold color mean these number sparklers are smokeless.
  • Made from the highest quality materials and ingredients.

Best Uses for Number Sparklers

Though most people plan to use their number sparklers to write out a date or number of their choosing, there are a few ways to present them that work the best. Here are a few ideas to help you get the most out of your sparklers at your wedding.

Write Out Dates and Numbers

Number shaped sparklers are ideal for writing out dates or numbers at a variety of events. Anytime you want to commemorate a number in any format, using these sparkling numbers will do the job elegantly. They look amazing during your entire event before their lit, but once they’re sparkling, that’s when the real show begins!

Cake Decorations

Many couples plan to write out their wedding date. If that’s your plan, consider doing it as a wedding cake topper using number shaped sparklers! It can create a memorable effect during your cake-cutting ceremony, and it will make your photos amazing as well. They aren’t designed specifically for this like our wedding cake sparklers are, but they will create a cool effect nonetheless!

Photo Props

Using your number sparklers as photo props can make a lasting impression in your scrapbook! Have guests hold their numbers in the correct order to write out your wedding date or year. Seeing such a personal number highlighted in your wedding photos will bring you back to the day time again and again as you flip through your wedding photos!

Table Numbers

Instead of printing cards for each table, consider using number sparklers instead! Just place them in each table’s centerpiece for a fun and easy way for your guests to find their table. Best of all, it can create a dazzling effect if you light them all during your champagne ceremony!

Whether you’re planning a wedding or want to commemorate a year, date, or age for another event, there is no substitute for number sparklers. Specifically, they are designed to write out anything under the sun using numbers. Best of all, they will make your celebration much more special and memorable.

Additional information

Number Choice

0, 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, Full Set (0-9)

6 reviews for Number Sparklers

  1. Becky

    We bought a pair of these number sparklers for the birthday cake when our son turned 12 and they were very cool.

  2. Jessica R.

    We used our number sparklers to illuminate our wedding date for a few photos. The pictures turned out really great, and our guests had fun taking turns holding the number sparklers while our photographer took pictures.

  3. Walter Donaldson

    We bought some of the number sparklers so we could have our anniversary date on top of our cake for our 5 year anniversary. They did exactly what they were supposed to do, and everyone really enjoyed it.

  4. Tatyana K.

    We wanted to do something special for our cake cutting ceremony, so we decided to buy some of these number sparklers to have our wedding date on top as a sparkling cake topper. We could not have been happier with the results, and some of our friends who are getting married some are thinking of picking up some number shaped sparklers to do the same.

  5. Roger

    We needed something special for a golden birthday, and these little sparklers really saved the day! My grandson really enjoyed watching these sparkler on top of his cake, and they arrived very quickly. Thanks!

  6. Kelcie

    Super awesome. Not sure what else to say here, but I give theme 5 stars.

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