While there are many new wedding traditions emerging in the market, many couples still maintain old traditions as well. Below you will find a list of common new wedding traditions; as well as old. These make great wedding trivia game questions, and are also just fun facts to know when planning your wedding.

Facts About Old and New Wedding Traditions

  • 91% of weddings feature the cutting of the cake by the Bride and Groom. This classic tradition has stood the test of time and looks to continue into the foreseeable future.
  • 90% of weddings have a first dance. Another old wedding tradition that stands strong. There are few photos more enjoyed than those of the first dance.
  • 4% of weddings feature guests throwing rice. Though rice doesn’t actually harm birds, it is still a terrible mess to deal with. Plus, there are many great alternatives to throwing rice these days.
  • 87% of weddings include celebratory toasts (and that damned “clinking”). Though many couples have tried to end it’s reign, it continues. Ultimately, this really falls on us as guests. Let’s end the madness once and for all!
  • 68% of brides throw the bridal bouquet. (Down considerably.) Though it is still very common, almost all weddings used to do this. So, one of the new wedding traditions is to not throw a bouquet.
  • 57% of grooms throw the bride’s garter. 100% of those grooms enjoy getting said garter. This is a slowly dying tradition as well. I would argue that it’s all in good fun, but still it urns up leas and less.
  • 10% now use wedding sparklers as a send off! We are proud to help create one of the most popular new wedding traditions in recent memory.
  • 20% now have a photo booth so that they can capture poor quality pictures of their drunken friends. Though it is a cool novelty, it is also a very large add-on expense. This should only be considered if you have a very large wedding.

There’s no denying that things are shifting and new wedding traditions are taking over. The old standbys are becoming a thing of the past while new concepts are taking the helm. I encourage to embrace these new wedding traditions and enjoy the unique twist that they can place on your event!