Fireworks ToyHave you ever wanted to allow your kids to play with fireworks without the need for adult supervision? Have you ever thought it was way too cold to go outside and don’t want to go outside to light fireworks but are still feeling the urge to see some? Or perhaps your child dreams of becoming a pyrotechnician. Well no you can get the best of all worlds with a brand new fireworks toy that brings the fun of the real thing into your very own home.

We are proud to introduce the Fireworks Light Show in My Room toy for your indoor amusement. Not only will this toy bring the fun and excitement of fireworks visually into your house, but the built-in high quality sound system will also provide a very accurate representation of the sounds of the fireworks too. Here is some more information about the Firework Light Show in My Room toy and what you can expect when you finally wrap your hands around it.

Visual Effects Built-In to the Fireworks Toy

The Firework Light Show in My Room toy creates some really cool visual effects that really do a great job simulating real fireworks. This toy projects a series of slides onto either your wall or ceiling of incredibly realistic pictures of fireworks. You can selected from a variety of different shows that are predefined so you always have something cool to watch.  It will keep you and your family on the edge of your seats, and make the fireworks show more enjoyable to watch!

Sound System Built-In to the Fireworks Toy

Accompanying the visual effects is a very high quality sound system to help make the experience more life-like for you and your family. The fireworks sounds that are used with this toy are exact copies of the real thing, so you will enjoy great quality audio to go along with the fireworks shows.

Completely Safe for All Ages

Probably the best feature that the Firework Light Show in My Room toy offers is that it is completely safe when compared to real fireworks. Since there is nothing to light, there is no need for any sources of fire or potential for injury or fire. Your kids can enjoy the Firework Light Show in My Room toy on their own or you can join them for great family fun.

Though nothing in this world can completely replace real fireworks, the Firework Light Show in My Room toy goes a long ways to achieving this goal. Best of all, it’s safer than real sparklers or fireworks! If real fireworks just aren’t a viable option for any reason, this great toy will definitely help tide you over until you can do the real thing. The Firework Light Show in My Room toy is available at many retailers online, so you shouldn’t have much trouble tracking one down if you want to get your hands on one. Have fun with your new toy and, as always, have a safe fireworks experience!