Wizard of Oz Wedding Theme imageThere’s no denying it: nerds are having quite the moment. The multiplex is dominated by superhero films and remakes of cartoons from the 80’s. The most popular show on cable television is a full-on swords-and-dragons fantasy. So when you’re planning your celebration, don’t be afraid to consider one of these nerdy wedding themes. If you and your partner have a particular geeky property you pledge your allegiance to, go ahead and make it your wedding theme. It’s practically the trendy thing to do.

6 Examples of Nerdy Wedding Themes

Here is our list of 6 nerdy wedding themes to help inspire you. Optionally, you could use exactly the theme concepts that we’ve laid out below. Remember to customize your theme to make it uniquely yours to have the best wedding experience possible.

Game of Thrones

Okay, we admit that in-universe; weddings don’t go particularly well for the citizens of Westeros. But you can capture the medieval grandeur of the series without the whole “multiple murder” angle. What really makes the Game of Thrones books are the descriptions of the food–make your reception one to remember with dishes inspired by the fare that the Lannisters and Starks eat in the books.

Harry Potter

If you want your wedding to be as romantic as Percy and Fleur Delacouer’s (only without the Death Eater interruption), you can weave the theme throughout the wedding planning, starting with invitations themed as Hogwarts admission letters. For the reception, make sure to have plenty of butterbeer on hand. Bonus points for 1) having your officiant mounted on a broom throughout the ceremony, or 2) having an owl as a ring bearer.

Alice in Wonderland

Take a trip down the rabbit hole and celebrate the general absurdity of life with a dreamy Alice in Wonderland theme. It’s a theme that lends itself perfectly to an afternoon tea-party wedding reception, complete with mismatched crockery and brightly-colored cookies and cakes. Let an air of whimsy permeate the proceedings and your guests will have a blast.

Doctor Who

The Doctor isn’t exactly known for his romantic entanglements–unless you count the quickie marriage to River Song–but Doctor Who can still be a great theme for your wedding. Picture a TARDIS backdrop for you to say your vows in front of. Also, an officiant blessing your union with a sonic screwdriver, and shouting “Allons-y!” as you leave for the reception. Fish fingers and custard for the reception dinner are optional, but encouraged.

Wizard of Oz

If you and your partner are both friends of Dorothy, you can take your guests on a trip to Oz with your wedding. Think a yellow brick road aisle runner, ring-bearing children dressed as Munchkins and, of course, ruby slippers for the bride. Let the matte painting of Oz from the film inspire your backdrop. Additionally, make sure to use plenty of poppies for decorations. This is one of the most classic nerdy wedding themes that you could ever choose!

The Hobbit

Turn your wedding into a full day of feasting with a hobbit-themed ceremony. Why settle for a single meal at the reception when you could have breakfast on your own? Then, second breakfast with your bridesmaids, elevenses and luncheon after the ceremony, and let the party roll (with fireworks and plenty of ale, of course–pipeweed optional) through afternoon tea, dinner, and supper. You’ll all be stuffed to bursting by the end of it, but what a day! You can even use some of our wedding sparklers or other fireworks to give your wedding that “Gandalf” flair!

If you and your partner have a geeky fandom you share, you can use it to make your wedding day a fantastical experience for your guests. These nerdy wedding themes are sure to make your event one for the history books.