Neon Sparklers for Weddings imageWhen it comes time to decide which type of sparklers for weddings to choose, an increasingly popular choice is neon wedding sparklers. The bright neon colors make them a perfect choice for photos because the colors are very brilliant. Also known as 18 inch neon sparklers for weddings, there are many benefits to using a sparkler of this length and burn time versus a smaller size such as 10 inch wedding sparklers or even larger sizes like 36 inch wedding sparklers. Below, we will cover many of the benefits and reasons to use neon sparklers for weddings.

Why Choose Neon Sparklers for Weddings?

While there are many factors to consider, many people choose neon wedding sparklers because of the vibrant colors and relatively low price. Our 18 inch neon sparklers for weddings last for approximately 1 ½ minutes, which makes them a great choice for situations where you want a substantial amount of burn time and brilliant colors without dent your wallet. Also, since they feature a steel stick instead of bamboo, our neon wedding sparklers are very sturdy and stay cool to the touch making them ideal for your guests regardless of their age. However, because of the rich, vibrant, and brilliant colors they produce, they also produce a good amount of smoke. For this reason, we recommend only using them in weddings that will take place outside or to direct your guests to use them in a place that makes sense.

Importance of Burn Time

Since each 18 inch neon wedding sparkler burns for approximately 1 ½ minutes, you will be able to hand out your sparklers to each guests for without having to worry about them burning out too soon. This can be of tremendous value if you are planning on having the sparklers used during your sendoff line since they offer you ample time to make your grand exit without the need to stand there and continuously light more sparklers for your guests. There is nothing more lack-luster than having your guests’ sparklers burn out half way through the sendoff line. With our 18 inch neon sparklers for weddings, you will have tons of sparkler time at a non-intrusive cost.