Nebraska Fireworks LawsLike everywhere else in the United States, the Nebraska fireworks laws are unique to that specific state. Before using any type of fireworks such as sparklers for weddings, it is very important to know all of the Nebraska fireworks laws to prevent any type of fines or legal problems on your big day.

Whether you live in Omaha, Lincoln, Bellevue, or any other city in Nebraska, breaking the local fireworks laws can ruin your wedding in a big hurry. Below we have list the current Nebraska fireworks laws to help prevent any unwanted problems when using wedding sparklers on your big day.

State of Nebraska Fireworks Laws:

Permitted: Novelty items, snakes, and sparklers do not require a permit to be sold in Nebraska. Gold and silver sparklers (colored sparklers prohibited) spray fountains, torches, color fire cones, star and comet type aerial shells without explosive charge, and lady fingers with a total pyrotechnic composition not to exceed 50 mg. each, color wheels and any other item approved by Fire Marshal.

Prohibited: All fireworks not specifically permitted.

Selling Period: Samples for all fireworks must be submitted to Fire Marshal prior to sale for separate test shoot examination.

Age of Purchase: 18 years of age.

*Please note that while we always attempt to keep this section up-to-date with the latest Nebraska fireworks laws, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information. This information is for reference purposes only, and you should check with the Nebraska state government before using wedding sparklers at your event. Wedding Day Sparklers is not responsible for errors in the information on this site, and will not be held responsible for any violations of the law.