Welcome the fourteenth edition of “a thousand words”! This story is called “’Mother’s Day Flowers and Sparkling Showers”, and for good reason. It’s all about combining beautiful flowers and sparklers to create a wonderful experience for our most loved person on Earth. This edition is obviously all about mothers. Luckily, we all have one and the vast majority of us love them unconditionally. If you are in that camp, read on to understand exactly the best ways to show them you care.

Most of us want to shower our mothers on their one and only day of the year. You could choose something simple like a box of chocolates, or you could choose something as fancy as a brand new car. However, most of us are on a realistic budget and want something just a step above a greeting card. Fortunately, buying flowers or creating the perfect experience doesn’t have to be a massive task! Here is a wonderful story about Kaden and Ivory that will show you how to do it right for your mom without spending a small fortune.

A History of Kaden and Ivory

Kaden is a proud member of the LBGT+ community, though he was born biologically a male. When she came forward to her parents with her revelation, she was fortunate to be met with acceptance and relief. Her parents had long suspected that she felt uncomfortable as a male, and they were extremely happy that she had finally found herself.  Ivory was a refugee from Somalia and felt out of place until she met Kaden. It was very obvious when they met that sparks were flying (pun intended).

Kaden’s parents are extremely wealthy, so they offered to pay for an outlandishly large affair. However, Ivory objected and Kaden sided with her lover. So, it was to be an amazingly wonderful Mother’s Day! To cherish Ivory’s mother, who had recently passed, the family came together and created a perfect memorial.  Ultimately, this is the story of how they pulled that off.

Choosing the Right Flowers

Image of Choosing Flowers for Mother's DayWhen it comes to choosing the right flowers for a wedding, it’s actually pretty simple. However, choosing flowers for a Mother’s Day gift is completely different! Luckily, Ivory was a designer of bouquets and has all the right pieces in her mind. First, she chose a simple design that would be appreciated by almost everyone. Next, she put Kaden’s mothers’ favorite flowers, daffodils, into the mix as well. The result was amazing and everyone was extremely excited! Then, she mixed in a few wooden roses to make the look “pop” without spending too much money. Kaden’s mother appreciated the simplicity, and you can see it on her face!

Ivory knew that flowers were a key part of her puzzle.  If that’s not really the thing you’re looking at, good for you! Here is how something unexpected can become the best thing you’ve ever done.

Are Sparklers the Right Choice?

Beyond the flowers, most people wonder if choosing sparklers as accoutrements is an ideal option. I may be biased, but I believe they are the perfect fit! There are several things that Mark Twain taught us; not the least of which is that we deserve a little fun! For all these reasons and more I whole-heatedly endorse the products we offer as a way to make Mother’s Day flowers and sparkling showers.

As a man who has lost lot of people in my life, Ivory and I connected on a deep level. She has been an outcast her whole life and I felt like an outcast in my own family. Once we conversed via email, it was clear that we had the same vision. It was special, and I’ll never forget it. Needless to say, they loved the idea of adding sparklers and they were as excited as you can possibly be.

Building Relationships and Memories

The most important aspect of this entire story is the relationship building between Kaden and Ivory. Sure, it’s important to include Kaden’s parents; but the real gist is with her partner. Luckily, Kaden’s folks were extremely open to their child’s needs and supported her every step of the way. Sadly, Ivory’s parents had it out for her and she didn’t have the run we would all hope for.

Helping Mom Pick Shoes imageIvory’s parent grew up in a different time when black families were hated and run out of town. As sad as that story happens to be, they now live in a very normal area that is mostly urban. So, when her parents voiced concern, Ivory bucked it hard and stood by her partner. However, here family eventually came around and now understand that Ivory was born to be the person she was meant to be. And that is extremely beautiful. We all want to help our mother pick shoes, but it’s great to know we have a a deeper connection.

Should I Do Mother’s Day Flowers and Sparkling Showers for My Mom?

Choosing whether or not to have flowers or sparklers at your event is a personal choice. As a huge supporter of the community, I feel like it’s on par with having glitter. However, only people in that realm can never tell for sure. If you’ve ever felt like a stranger or a person that didn’t “fit in”, you’ll know exactly how Kaden and Ivory have felt. However, it’s a polarizing subject. As a male, I tend to shy away from these types of subjects. But, when it comes to these two, the die is cast!

For too long we have been silent about the needs of the people we care about. I’m not trying to solve the entire world’s problems in just one day. Conversely, I can’t sit back and watch our future turned to ashes. It’s a delicate balance; but it’s a dance I’ll gladly do for the rest of my life.

Obviously, there’s more to this story than I could ever make public. Fortunately, this couple has shown that they have what it takes to make it. In the face of racism, sexism, and ageism, Kaden and Ivory are a beacon of light. It’s not every day that you get to present Mother’s Day flowers and sparkling showers to the most important person in your life. However, with some faith and love, you can achieve it. I hope you find true love and thank you for reading!