Welcome to the tenth edition of “a thousand words”. This story is called “Making Shapes with Sparklers”. When you’re trying to convey a message, photographs are the easiest way to get the job done. However, a picture alone can never tell the full story because there is far too much context for a single image. So, I like to provide some words to accompany the image to illustrate the story completely. In this edition, I’ll take you through each part of this great tale so you can feel like you were really there. Here we go.

Sparklers can be used at weddings in a variety of different ways. However, one of the most impactful concepts is to use them to make shapes in your pictures. There are many ways to do this, but most of the time it’s roughly the same idea. However, Tim and Mary wanted to do something particularly fun for their wedding and this story is about their journey.

Settling on Using Sparklers

Our story begins with Tim and Mary having to make some very tough decisions. Sadly, they originally had their wedding booked for the summer of 2020. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, they had to postpone their event until the following year. Moreover, Tim lost his job because of the pandemic; so they had to dip into their wedding budget to make ends meet. So, they had to make some budget choices to reduce the overall bill.

First they decided to trim down on the number of guests they were inviting by about half. This eliminated a huge chunk of the expense, but they still needed to trim it down even further. Next, they switched from the fancy venue they originally booked to a public park with a pavilion. Lastly, they scrapped the idea of having real flowers and chose wooden roses instead to make it as inexpensive as possible. However, they still needed one crowning jewel to make the day incredibly special, and that’s how they settled on using sparklers at their event.

Deciding That Making Shapes with Sparklers is the Right Fit

Once they selected sparklers as their unique item, they needed to put together a plan for their use. With so many options, it took them a few days to weigh all of their options. So, they made a shortlist of what they wanted to convey with their use. Ultimately, they decided that creating something interactive for the guests would be the ideal option.

First, they considered using the sparklers for a grand exit. This is the most popular choice, so it was an obvious place to start. However, since they were doing everything in one location, they didn’t feel this was right for them. Instead, they decided to create a special photo opportunity for each couple as if it were a high school prom. Each couple would stop at a specified location and have their pictures taken. But, instead of just a boring photo, they would be making shapes with sparklers to really make them pop! Both Tim and Mary were satisfied with this concept, so it was time to move onto the planning phase.

Setting Up in Advance

When you’re trying to put together a great photo shoot, advanced planning is crucial to getting things just right. And, when you are taking photographs of sparklers, you need to double your efforts! The most important factor is that you practice it several times to get all the positioning and settings correct. So, they ordered a variety of sparklers, setup their camera, and started going to work. It took them around fifteen attempts before they finally got it right, but the results were spectacular as seen in these photos!

Choosing the Right Sparklers

Image of Wedding Guests Making Circle Shapes with SparklersAnother important thing to get right is your choice of sparklers. Though you can pull this off with pretty much any type, certain versions are ideal. During their preparations, they tried 10 inch, 20 inch, and 36 inch versions. In the end, they settled on 20 inch gold wedding sparklers because they were the easiest to handle while making shapes. Additionally, they are half the price of the 36 inch versions. So, it helped trim their budget down even further.

Educating the Guests on How it Works

With preparations made and their sparklers in hand, the next step was getting all the guests on the same page. There is a specific set of steps to the process, and it needed to be followed correctly for each photo. Tim and Mary decided that printing out little instruction cards was the easiest choice for this feat. Luckily, Mary has free access to a commercial-grade photo copier at work; so they didn’t have to pay to print out the instruction cards!

Next, they placed a card in the center of each table under the pavilion. That way, the guests would find the cards when they took their seats. Additionally, they placed the sparklers in centerpieces on the tables to make them easy to find. With everyone educated and the sparklers properly distributed, they were ready to capture the magic!

Taking the Photos

Finally, it was time to take the pictures! They invited around 35 couples to attend, so they knew it would take about an hour and a half to complete the whole process. One by one, they had each couple come to the designated area and start making shapes with sparklers. Luckily, Tim’s brother was a photographer and he had experience with this exact scenario. As you can see, the photos turned out great! But, best of all, Tim and Mary were able to cut their budget by 60% and still have a memorable celebration.

Is Making Shapes with Sparklers Right for Your Wedding?

While making shapes with sparklers in photos is a fun wedding activity, not all situations make this choice appropriate. First, your event needs to be outdoors due to space requirements. Second, you need to have the patience to experiment with different locations and camera settings in order to get it right. Lastly, you need to have the right weather conditions because your event will be exposed to the elements. Personally, I prefer to use sparklers at sunset, so that’s an important consideration, too. In the end, it’s a decision you’ll need to make as a couple. But, it can be a very affordable and fun addition to your event.

I truly hope this story inspired you to consider this activity for your upcoming event. Don’t forget, we would love to hear about your story too! If you’d like to be featured in the next edition, simply contact us and tell us what your photos are all about. Until next time, be safe, be creative, and have lots of fun!

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