Make Fireworks More Fun to WatchWhether you’re headed out to your city’s firework show for the 4th of July or want your guests to enjoy their sparklers for weddings a little bit more, there are some things you can do to make fireworks more fun to watch without too much effort. Most of these things are either free or cost less than a buck per person. They are very economical ways of enhancing an experience that is already sure to be dazzling.

Since fireworks first appeared on the shelves of stores throughout the United States, there has been a yearning to make them bigger and more spectacular each and every year. Unfortunately, this usually means that the fireworks themselves get much larger and consequentially more dangerous. However, enhancing the way you see and experience classic fireworks like sparklers is a safer proposition.

Simple Ways to Make Fireworks More Fun to Watch

For the most part, enhancing the way you see and experience fireworks is very simple. In some cases, expanding the number of items you include in your fun will help to take things to the next level. Regardless of which route you take, here is a list of things you can do to make fireworks more fun to watch for items such as sparklers a much better experience for everyone involved. Most importantly, remember to watch the fireworks with children to have the best experience!

Special Glasses Can Make Fireworks More Fun to Watch

Pick up a few pairs of special fireworks glasses that will enhance the way your eyes perceive the colors and effects. These special glasses are very similar in appearance to 3-D glasses that you use for movies and newer televisions, but the way they work is slightly different. They act as soft prisms to reflect the light in various ways to make the effects of sparklers and other fireworks much more dramatic.

Watch the Show With Your Eyes

Always watch fireworks in person rather than relying on video or other types of media to create your experience. It has become popular to watch big fireworks shows on television or the internet rather than going to the show in person, but there’s no substitute for seeing them with your own eyes and feeling the power rumble through the ground as they are launched into the air.

Add Some Music

Integrate music into your fireworks experience to make it even better. Large scale fireworks shows have been doing this for years, but there’s no reason you can’t use the same technique while using sparklers at your wedding or in your backyard on the 4th of July.

Diversify Your Experience

While you’re buying all of your favorite items such as sparklers, you should consider stocking up on some additional items to diversify your fireworks experience. There are plenty of safe and sane options available such as black snakes, smoke balls, and sky lanterns that can really ramp up the fun at your wedding or other event.

Photo, Photos, and More Photos!

Take lots of pictures of your experience. Whether you are taking pictures of your guests using sparklers at your wedding or filming your kids’ reactions at your local fireworks show on the 4th of July, there is nothing more priceless than being able to look back at your fireworks experience in the years to come.

As you can see, most of the things discussed above to make fireworks more fun to watch are things that you’d probably consider anyways. Make sure you stay safe and think creatively to make your next experience with sparklers and other types of fireworks as memorable as possible!