Fireworks Laws: Where to Buy Wedding Sparklers in Louisiana

Fireworks Laws: Where to Buy Wedding Sparklers in Louisiana

Louisiana in one of the most history-rich states in our union, and that makes it a great place to have a wedding. However, it’s also home to thousands of miles of protected swamps, marshes, and wetlands; and they take conservation very seriously. As such, the Louisiana fireworks laws and regulations are very strictly enforced. In fact, items as simple as sparklers can be outlawed in certain counties or parishes during certain times of the year leading to serious consequences if you use them at weddings.

Whether you live in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Shreveport, or any other city in Louisiana, breaking the local fireworks laws can ruin your event in a big hurry; even though it’s home to Mardi Gras and 98% of the world’s crayfish population! Before you head out in search of where to buy wedding sparklers in Louisiana, please take a moment to review the laws below.

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State of Louisiana Fireworks Laws

Below is a breakdown of their state regulations. Please note that this information changes often, so check back regularly. Additionally, cities, counties, and parishes reserve the right to create add-on laws. Check with the local authorities for final approval.

Specifically Permitted (Legal)

Consumer fireworks as defined by the DOT and the CPSC. Cylindrical fountains, cone fountains, illuminating torches, pyrotechnic wheel devices, ground spinners, wedding sparklers, toy smoke devices, sky rockets and bottle rockets, missile-type rockets, helicopter aerial spinners, roman candles, mines or shells, firecrackers, and multiple tube fireworks.

Specifically Prohibited (Illegal)

Cherry bombs, tubular salutes, 2” American made salutes, firecrackers exceeding 1½”in length or ¼” in diameter, repeating bombs, aerial bombs, torpedoes exceeding 2” in diameter, roman candles larger than 10 ball, and sky rockets larger than 6 ounces.

Legal Selling Period

Noon on June 25 through midnight on July 5, and noon on December 15 through midnight on January 1. All other sales are prohibited.

Minimum Age to Purchase

You must be at least 15 years of age or older, unless accompanied by adult. Age verification must be presented upon request. Underage sale punishable by fine or jail time.

*Please note that while we always attempt to keep this section up-to-date with the latest Louisiana fireworks laws, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information. This information is for reference purposes only, and you should check with the Louisiana state government before using wedding sparklers at your event. We are not responsible for errors in the information on this site. Also, we will not be held responsible for any violations of the law by the end user.


Deciding Where to Buy Wedding Sparklers in Louisiana

Because there is so much protected area in Louisiana, it can be difficult finding certain types of consumer fireworks for sale. Specifically, items like cherry bombs, salutes, sky rockets, and large firecrackers are simply not allowed. Fortunately, “safe and sane” items are legally allowed; so finding where to buy wedding sparklers in Louisiana shouldn’t be too difficult. However, if you need specialty items like wedding cake sparklers, you are probably out of luck. Instead, you should consider ordering online and having them shipped to your house. Here are some of the most popular options that people order.


Interesting Facts About Louisiana

Because the French had control over the territory before it was made into a state, there are some extremely interesting facts to learn. For some people, they just want to gain the knowledge for themselves. Additionally, they can be used as great questions for trivia games or other unique situations. No matter why you are curious, here are some of the best ones to keep in your back pocket.

  • Nickname: Pelican State
  • Motto: Union, justice, and confidence
  • Statehood: April 30, 1812 (18th)
  • Origin of State’s Name: Named in honor of France’s King Louis XIV.
  • State Flower: Magnolia (magnolia)
  • Largest Cities: New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Shreveport, Lafayette, Kenner
  • State Bird: Eastern Brown Pelican
  • Border States: Arkansas, Mississippi, Texas
  • State Tree: Bald Cypress (taxodium distichum)
  • Land Area: 43,566 sq. mi.; 33rd larges
  • State Song: Give Me Louisiana

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Sparkler Tip #18: Use Something Like a Carrot to Buffer Your Kids’ Hands!

Whether you are using them in your backyard or at a wedding, allowing children to handle sparklers can a bit risky if you aren’t careful. First off, it’s important that you limit their use to children at least 8 years of age. Furthermore, you need to provide direct supervision to ensure they are being used appropriately. Lastly, consider using a carrot to hold a sparkler instead of just bare hands. Other types of fruit and vegetables can also be used as long as the handle can be pushed inside. The idea here is to keep the sparkler out of your child’s hand and away from their body, so a carrot is just one example.


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