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Links to People We Love – Wedding Day Sparklers

Welcome to our friends and links page. Below you will find our growing collection of links to other businesses, resources, and friends that we feel may be useful to you. Additionally, you’ll find resources from our website that discontinued or out of date. However, many of these pages and posts may still be useful under certain circumstances. If you think you know a site that would be a good fit, feel free to contact us. Also, please note that none of these links are directly affiliated with Wedding Day Sparklers.

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Links to External Websites

Renaissance Fireworks

We are the largest fireworks store in Minnesota, and we are locally owned and operated out of Minneapolis, MN. Also, we have fireworks store and tent locations throughout the Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the greater Twin Cities area. We offer the largest selection of fireworks in Minnesota.


Welcome to Christmasota – the largest Christmas light display in Minnesota. This enchanting winter wonderland is located in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota each year in the month of November. Lastly, seasons greetings to all, and we’ll see you at Christmasota!

LMJ Wedding Photography

lmj {originals} is owned and operated by me, Lisa Jaster, a professional photographer and digital artist. I’ve photographed thousands of portrait sessions. I spent 12 years managing one of the largest portrait studios in the Midwest. After so long working for someone else, I decided to go out on my own.

Blue Sun Soda Shop

Blue Sun is the world’s largest soda shop with thousands upon thousands of craft soda options available. With multiple locations, they sell more pop than any other retail company. For those who aren’t near a retail location, you can even have sampler packs shipped right to your door. Whether you love root beer, orange, or just basic cola, they have something for everyone.

Blue PC

Blue PC is your computer repair, virus removal, data recovery, and network specialists in the Shakopee, Savage, and Prior Lake areas of Minnesota. Our expert team of technicians are your best choice for Prior Lake computer repair, Savage computer repair, or Shakopee computer repair.

Wedding Day Sparklers Blog

Visit our latest addition to the Wedding Day Sparklers family: our new blog on Blogspot. While we obviously have a fountain of great information contained on this site, this blog will allow us to post information on topics that doesn’t quite fit in with our main website.


How to Get Included on Our Links Page

Before you decide to reach out to us for your website’s inclusion, it’s important to understand our mission. Furthermore, you need to know the criteria before making an attempt. It’s our utmost goal to provide high quality references to our customers here, and we are very strict on quality. For instance, if you are a wedding photographer, you have a much higher chance of inclusion because your services are highly relevant to sparklers and our other products. Conversely, an auto parts store would never be considered because it has nothing to do with our product line.

Of course, just being relevant isn’t enough; you have to have something valuable to offer our customers, too. We will automatically reject any submission that is offensive, purely promotional, or lacks ethics in any way. If you believe that your website meets these criteria, please feel free to contact us to apply. Though we say “no” much more often than we say “yes”, it’s still worth your time if you believe in your brand. Good luck!


Can I Trust These Website Links?

We thoroughly investigate every website that we decide to include on this page. We check for quality, security, and legitimacy before we ever suggest a site. However, since we aren’t in control of these other sites, we cannot be held responsible for their content. Sadly, many websites will be compromised by malware or scammers at some point, so there’s always a risk. These links are intended for reference only, and visiting them is always at your own risk. However, with that said, we can confidently say that these websites are legitimate unless they have changed ownership or been compromised from a security point of view.


Discontinued Web Pages

From time to time, we discontinue certain pages on our site for a variety of reasons. Usually, we do it because we have replaced them with a new or different version that offers a better experience or more useful information. Similarly, we occasionally discontinue items from our catalog of sparklers and products, and they get moved into this section as well. Here are some of the legacy pages that we have placed into the archives.


Blog Posts About Resources on Other Websites

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