If you are having a beach wedding, then chances are you’re very excited about getting married in the sun with the waves crashing against the beach. A beach wedding can be very majestic and beautiful, but it unfortunately can get quite windy which can cause a variety of small issues. Most obviously, things hats and loose cups may go flying away, but there are also plenty of less obvious issues. For instance, anyone who wants to use wedding sparklers at their beach wedding will find lighting sparklers nearly impossible using traditional methods, so finding alternative sources of flames is vital to pull it off. Fortunately, there are plenty of viable solutions available for lighting sparklers on a windy beach which we will share with you below.

Lighting Sparklers with a Candle

One of the easiest ways to have a constant flame that will hold to up some pretty windy weather is an ordinary candle. The trick with using a candle to light your wedding sparklers on a windy day is to keep it in a very tall container. If the candle holder is too short, the wind will hit the flame on the wick and put it out almost immediately. By putting it in a really tall holder, the wind will harmlessly pass over the top and everyone will be able to go about lighting sparklers without any hassles.

Lighting Sparklers with a Blowtorch

A blowtorch is another option, though it is definitely a little more treacherous than using a candle. The extreme heat and high pressure that propane is expelled from the torch causes the resulting flame to be windproof. The problem is that there is very little security from getting burned accidentally while using an open flame torch, so this should only be considered as a last resort.

Lighting Sparklers with a Windproof Lighter

Lighting Sparklers with a Windproof Lighter imageAnother option to combat the windy conditions on a beach is to light your sparklers with a windproof lighter. You can tell if a lighter is windproof by its design with the most popular brand being Zippo. Though windproof lighters work nearly flawlessly in windy conditions, they get hot very quickly and need to be re-lit several times to get only a few sparklers lit. If you plan to have more than a few guests at your beach wedding, you probably want to choose one of the other options.

Lighting Sparklers using a Campfire

One of the coolest things you can do at your beach wedding is to have a campfire right there in the sand, and it also is a reliable source of flame for lighting sparklers when the wind is really kicking up. Best of all, multiple people can light their sparklers at the same time so you can get the fun going in just a few seconds. You need to be extra careful lighting your sparklers directly in a campfire, but it definitely works well and will also keep everyone warm during the event. It’s one of the best ways to use wedding sparklers that there is.

Lighting Sparklers with a Other Sparklers

Lastly, we have the classic method of lighting wedding sparklers using another sparkler. This is a popular choice no matter what the weather happens to be, but it also works well in windy conditions like those found on a beach. Just light a couple of “starter” sparklers, have small groups of guests huddle around each one, and have them stick their unlit tips right into the sparkles. In just a few seconds, everyone will have a burning sparkler and be ready to enjoy their evening. This is by far the best way to light sparklers at a wedding taking place on a windy beach.

Though lighting sparklers for your wedding on a windy beach is never the ideal situation, it’s good to know that there are solutions to the problem. With a little creativity and the proper source of fire, you can light your sparklers on even the windiest day at the beach.