There are literally hundreds of great ways to dress up your sparklers to make them more attractive or blend with your decorations. Wedding sparkler tags are one of the most popular ways to do this, and there are hundreds of great designs available for download and purchase online. We are proud of our commitment to offering the best resources for our valued customers. So, we will periodically feature specific styles of wedding sparkler tags and other accent pieces to dress up your sparklers for your reception. Here is an overview of the most popular option currently.

A Popular Choice for Wedding Sparkler Tags

These are wedding sparkler tags that say “light the way”. They are a fantastic way to add an extra special touch to your items. Available in 9 different colors, these marvelous sparkler tags are made from ultra-thick card stock. Furthermore, they feature hand punched holes at the top and bottom of each tag to slide your sparklers through. These tags work well with any size sparklers, but they are particularly nice on either 20″ gold sparklers or 36″ gold sparklers. That’s because their long length will support the tags better. The lettering is dark grey, and the wording can optionally be customized. Moreover, you can add your names and wedding date for a modest additional fee. For more information, check out the full listing on the Etsy website.

Wedding Sparkler Tags iamge

Making Your Own Adornments

Crafting your own wedding sparkler tags is another option for brides who like to do things themselves. There are many great sayings to put on these fun little items; way beyond just “Light the Way”. For instance, you could say “Let Love Sparkle”, “Let the Sparks Fly”, “Let’s Get Lit”, or anything else you choose.

The only complication with making your own adornments is that each tag will need to be cut out by hand. You can save time by keeping your tags square instead of a more elegant shape; but they won’t look as nice. Making your own wedding sparkler tags can be a great way to personalize the sparklers you use for your wedding exit, but it will be very time consuming if you want to do it right.

Whether you make them yourself or buy them ready to go, tags add an elegant touch to traditional wedding sparklers. Sparkler tags will make your sparklers look much more fitting of a wedding. Additionally, most brides would love to dress up those ugly little gray sticks before putting them on their reception tables!