When stocking up on supplies for a wedding, the last thing you want to do is run out. Consequently, you usually end up with a lot of extra surplus after all the dust has settled. The same is true if you have sparklers on your shopping list; you probably want to buy more than you need. But what do you do with all the leftover wedding sparklers? Fortunately, there are plenty of great ways to get some use out of them in the future.

Additionally, it is important to preface this guide by noting that sparklers have a very long shelf life. If stored properly, they can last for many, many years. That can take some of the fears of over-ordering off your shoulders so you can have plenty for your event. But without further ado, let’s dive right into the good stuff.

Use Them on your First Anniversary

If you want a sentimental solution, there’s nothing more romantic than using them again on your anniversary. Truthfully, leftover wedding sparklers work great for any anniversary; but none more so than on your first. Imagine enjoying a slice of your cake again, followed by kissing while holding a sparkler. Instantly, you will be transported back to the day of your wedding. In my opinion, that alone can be a great reason to buy too many in the first place!

Save Your Leftover Wedding Sparklers for Future Events

Besides anniversaries, your unused wedding sparklers can be used at a wide variety of future events. In fact, there’s a long list of National Holidays; most of which are an appropriate candidate. However, I’ve chosen my top four events based on viability. After all, not everyone likes the idea of sparklers on Thanksgiving Day.

Image of Sparklers on a Birthday CakeBirthday Parties

Birthday parties are the perfect place the use up your leftovers! You can hand them out to your guests as party favors, and everyone will enjoy using them in your backyard. Additionally, many people use them to decorate birthday cakes instead of candles. No matter how you integrate them into your party, it’s a great way to jazz up the celebration and also eliminate some of your back stock.


Graduation parties are a moment to savor and celebrate. After all, graduating from either high school or college is a huge life step! So, what better time is there to use some of those leftover wedding sparklers to make things even better? Imagine your son or daughter walking into the house to find everyone standing in front of a “congratulations” banner. Now imagine everyone holding sparklers, too. It’s like ice cream; it just makes everything even better.

New Year’s Eve

For most people, this is by far their biggest party of the year. As an added bonus, it’s also your first and last party of each year. For many years, using sparklers on New Year’s Eve has been a popular choice. Since you probably already use them, it’s a great way to use up your leftovers from your wedding. Best of all, they are smokeless so you can use them indoors!

4th of July

This is the big daddy of all celebrations that use fireworks of any variety. No matter where you live, chances are you will be lighting some sort of device as part of your 4th of July celebration. But here is the best part: your leftover wedding sparklers are already in your storage room! You won’t have to pay the inflated prices you see around the 4th, or maneuver through a crowded fireworks tent at the last minute. Moreover, they are usually much higher quality than the ones you find at local stores. When you add all of that up, it’s an easy decision.

Return Your Leftover Wedding Sparklers

Of course, some people simply don’t want to deal with storing things for long periods of time. Or, maybe you’re short on space, or just don’t like the “risk” factor of holding onto something that is considered “flammable”. Whatever your reasons, we are proud to offer a simple policy for returning your wedding sparklers. Our staff will work with you to get your unused items returned so you can receive a refund. Sure, there may be a small fee for shipping them back to us, but you will still get the lion’s share of your expenses back. Use for your honeymoon, paying off wedding debts, or just put it in your pocket for a rainy day. The choice is yours, but we are proud to provide you with the option.

With so many great ways to re-purpose them, having leftover wedding sparklers after your reception really isn’t a terrible thing. In fact, I think I’ve made a pretty good argument for why it can be a blessing. Whether you want to use them at your anniversary, store them properly and keep them for future events, or return them for a refund, there’s really no reason to avoid ordering more than enough to accommodate all the guests at your wedding.