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Our LED wedding sparklers are the perfect alternative to regular versions. Whether you can’t use traditional sparklers or plan to use them over and over, these are a great value.

  • Ultra-bright LEDs to draw the attention of everyone at your wedding.
  • Features a variety of lighting pattern options.
  • Compatible with the same accessories as cake or bottle sparklers.
  • Durable construction and design means a very long and useful life.
  • Batteries are included and installed.
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Our premium LED wedding sparklers are the latest technological breakthrough to make our products available to everyone. Featuring super bright LED panels for superior visibility and performance, these wands produce a similar amount of light as traditional sparklers for weddings create. Best of all, included batteries provide plenty of juice for several uses at multiple events. Additionally, they offer multiple different lighting modes. So, you can use them in a steady “on” mode or enjoy one of the built-in patterns created to simulate the real thing.

Why Choose LED Sparklers Over Regular Versions?

Though regular ones are the more popular option, LED wedding sparklers offer some clear advantages over their combustible counterparts. First off, the fact that they’re reusable makes then a much better overall value. This can be particularly beneficial for venue owners and wedding planners who supply them for their customers. Rather than having to purchase new ones for each event, these LED wands can be used over and over again.

Additionally, LED sparklers can be used at venues where traditional versions are prohibited. Unfortunately, many venue owners won’t allow the use of combustible items on their grounds. Furthermore, there are several states, cities, and other municipalities that prohibit the sale or use of fireworks or novelties of all varieties. And, even if they are allowed, there are still the hassles and risks involved with using open flames; particularly when using 36 inch wedding sparklers for your exit.

Lastly, battery powered sparklers eliminate all of the staging and aggravating processes associated with regular types as well as all the safety concerns! Typically, you’ll need several high quality torch lighters to get traditional items started. Once they’ve finished performing, you’ll need buckets of water or sand to provide a safe place for their disposal. Additionally, you will need a huge list of personal safety equipment like water, fire extinguishers, and first aid kits on hand. Sadly, even after all of that; you’ll still need to coordinate getting everyone in place, getting everyone lit, performing the activity, and properly discarding the waste left behind.

Overall, LED wedding sparklers are the easiest and most cost-effective option for your celebration. Whether you use them on bottles, cakes, or part of a reception activity, these eliminate the safety concerns and hassle out of your big day.

Key Benefits and Features

  • Their reusable design makes them ideal for venues and wedding planners. You can use them over and over!
  • Switch between a variety of different lighting patterns.
  • Will draw attention to your head table, dance floor, or other area of your venue.
  • Much less preparation and hassle compared to traditional versions.
  • Performs for any desired length of time. Regular versions only last for up to 4 minutes; these are only restricted by their battery life!
  • Fully compatible with all variations of our safety clips.
  • These comply with all fire codes across the USA. No matter where you are, you can always use them as part of your wedding.
  • No open flames or fumbling to quickly light a bunch of sparklers. These are by far the safest and easiest option.
  • Ultra-bright LEDs to draw the attention of everyone at your wedding.
  • Durable and high quality design means a very long and useful life.

Best Uses for LED Wedding Sparklers

Usually, people choose this item because they like the futuristic design or they can’t use a regular version at their venue. However, there are a few scenarios where LED wedding sparklers truly shine. Here are a few of their best uses at ceremonies and receptions. Hopefully,it will help you decide if they’re the right fit for you.

Use as an Alternative to Bottle Sparklers

Since they are most similar in design to bottle sparklers, they are a logical replacement for those activities. These can be a great way to draw attention to your champagne toast and bring silence to the room. Optionally, you can attach them to your champagne bottles before they enter the reception hall. Essentially, you can create a “grand entrance” for your champagne bottles for a spectacular presentation at your celebration.

Accent Lighting and Centerpieces

Since they have multiple lighting modes, you can use LED sparklers in your centerpieces or as accent lighting. For instance, you can place one in the center of each table for a cool overall ambiance. Similarly, you can put a few near the DJ equipment and speakers to create more of a “nightclub” vibe. Overall, you can use them anywhere you would use conventional accent lighting.

Photo Props

Using sparklers in photos is a very common practice at weddings. Fortunately, the steady source of light created by LEDs makes them an easy and interesting addition to your pictures. It can be difficult to capture actual sparks on camera; this option makes it a simple job.

Cake Topper or Decorations

Depending on your theme, these can be a great replacement for wedding cake sparklers to be used as a topper. Unfortunately, traditional styles can occasionally damage your frosting. Additionally, the open flame is an unnecessary safety risk. Overall, our LED version is a better choice for your cake topper or decorations.

Wedding Exits

Generally speaking, wedding exits are one of the most popular times that our products are used at an event. Fortunately, LED wedding sparklers offer many benefits over traditional versions. First off, there is no coordinating your guests to get everyone lit in a timely manner. Second, the wand design fits nicely in your guests’ hands. Lastly, you won’t need to worry about fixing any burn holes in your dress, and the bright LEDs will illuminate your path perfectly. However, because of their higher cost, it can be cost-prohibitive to supply them for each guest at your celebration.

Wands for Ushers

Some couples prefer to keep their reception venue dimly lit for ambiance. This can create a really cool atmosphere, but there still needs to be light to certain extent. Luckily, these wands also work great for ushers to guide your guests through the darkness. I like to think of it as a much more elegant version of a flashlight.

How Many LED Wedding Sparklers Do I Need?

The number of LED sparklers that you’ll need is completely dependent on how you plan to use them. To use them on bottles or as a cake topper, you’ll only need a few. However, some couples want to use them for larger activities like a wedding exit. Under those circumstances, you would need to have one for each guest at your wedding. Typically, people agree that you need to determine how they will be used first and foremost. After that, you should be able to figure out how many you need fairly easily. Fortunately, you won’t need to worry about having backups on hand since they last for as long as they are needed.

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30 reviews for LED Wedding Sparklers

  1. Karen Rogers

    When my the venue I had already booked told me that I couldn’t have wedding sparklers during my exit, I thought I was going to have to revise my entire plan on short notice. Fortunately, I called Wedding Day Sparklers and they directed me to these LED batons. We had the wedding party use them during the exit since buying them for everyone was too expensive. However, they worked beautifully and we captured some really great photos! These are definitely worth the money.

  2. John W.

    I bought 12 of these to put on our wedding cake, but I’ve used them at least 10 times since my reception. I really like different light modes, and the batteries have held up well so far. With how many times I’ve used them already, they are certainly a great value for the money.

  3. Weddings by Jennie

    As a wedding planner, I try to avoid buying items that are disposable. they always end up cutting into my limited profits as a beginner. However, many of my clients insist on wanting a sparkler exit. Lucky for me I found these LED sparklers! Once I demonstrate them to my couples, 3 out of 4 are okay with “renting” them from me. They save money, I make a little money, and the photos always turn out beautifully. I definitely recommend them!

  4. Jake

    Super fast shipping and reasonable prices. I’ve used them more than once already without any issues. Good company.

  5. Todd

    Best prices online, happy with my order. Would order again.

  6. Sarah Rose Planning

    As a planner, I don’t understand how we’ve been living without LED sparklers! Also, I was treated like royalty by their customer service department and they answered every single one of my questions. The extra cost versus regular sparklers was made up by the 2nd wedding I used them for. Great product!

  7. Jessie R.

    Needed these for my wedding in only 8 days. They had them delivered in 4 days. A good company that does exactly as they claim. Rare these days.

  8. Robert LaSalle

    We’ve been using LED wedding sparklers for the last 2 months at our reception hall. I can’t say enough about the improvement they’ve made over real sparklers. Thanks to these, I was able to drop the extra insurance I carried to mitigate the risk of using sparklers inside the hall. Great job, I will definitely be ordering again!

  9. Julie H.

    Delivered quickly and surprisingly high quality. Gave one to each of my kids and they play with them before bed every night. Not exactly a “sparkler”, but as close as you can get without actually shooting sparks.

  10. Belinda K.

    Got these for the kids instead of the regular sparklers we got for the adults. I thought they would be safer, but I never expected that they would actually be WAY cooler! All of the adults were lined up to see the LED lights instead of using their own sparklers LOL!! Super awesome item and I wish I had ordered more.

  11. Victor from SLC

    Ordered a whole case and they arrived very quickly. I sell these along with glow bracelets and necklaces at a small amusement park outside of Salt Lake City. The kids really love them, they are one of my top sellers. This is the cheapest place I can get them.

  12. CiCi

    I liked the idea of LEDs better than open flames. Great quality.

  13. Rodney Jackson

    Couldn’t use real sparklers, so we bought these. They are really cool and I’ll get to use them at future events because they are reusable!

  14. Carl

    Fast shipping and great prices.

  15. Lauren Harlow

    I’ve been feeling like a crappy parent for years because I won’t let my kids hold real sparklers on their own. I bought these for the 4th of July and they loved them! It’s the perfect compromise between fun and safety.

  16. Ben

    So much cheaper than the real sparklers we were using at my restaurant. Sanitize and reuse. Great product.

  17. Lucas

    I go through a lot of bottle sparklers. these have saved me thousands of dollars. Been using them for 4 months with zero problems, good wands.

  18. Nancy

    Wanted to include my small children in our wedding so I went with these LED wands. Very cool and my kids are still using them every day!

  19. Andy

    Much cooler than the pics do justice. Fit with the clips I already had.

  20. Clark G.

    Can’t use real ones in my state, so I bought these. Very cool!

  21. Charlie Hammer

    When there’s a recession, I always look to cut costs at my nightclub. Theses LED bottle sparklers are reusable and will pay for themselves within a month. Great value!

  22. Curtis

    These reusable sparklers have saved me a ton of money at my nightclub. Very happy with the quality.

  23. Caleb J.

    These are much cheaper in the long run compared to buying regular bottle sparklers over and over again.

  24. Leisa L.

    Bought these and never need to worry about ordering again. It’s gonna save my restaurant some money over time.

  25. Gracy J.

    I’m all eco. These were the only choice for me.

  26. Steve G.

    Will get used at many parties in the future!

  27. Gregory T.

    So glad I never have to buy disposable sparklers again.

  28. Leif Brigham

    Much better than fumbling with a lighter. Batteries are the way to go!

  29. Meegan G.

    So glad I never have to buy cake sparklers again. I use these on my customer cakes and these will save me a ton of money over time.

  30. Wyndie R.

    So glad I don’t have to keep buying bottle sparklers. Great product!

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