If you’ve been surfing around the internet as long as I have, then chances are you’ve stumbled across pictures or video of the Lantern Festival. Popular in China, Thailand, and other Asian countries, lantern festivals are a very popular way to celebrate a variety of occasions. In fact, it was these pictures and videos that inspired us to sell sky lanterns on this very website in anticipation that they would soon become popular in America as well. As you may have guessed, our hunch has paid off as more and more people are using sky lanterns in America.

The Lantern Festival - Releasing Sky Lanterns imageFamous Lantern Festivals

The most famous of all is, in fact, called the Lantern Festival. It is celebrate in China on the 15th day of the first month in the new lunar calendar. This tradition dates back to at least the 15th century. However, many scholars assert that its roots lie even deeper. When the festival date approaches, many areas of the country setup specific locations for people. There, they are allowed to release their sky lanterns in large groups. Many small villages even have their own artisans that craft special sky lanterns for each specific person. Additionally, the person releasing the sky lantern will usually include their own sentiment or wish before they let it go.

The Meaning of The Lantern Festival

Many people believe that the Lantern Festival is a time of renewal and for people’s wishes to come true. That is why you see the tradition used in more and more events from weddings to birthdays and even on New Year’s Eve. More and more families are participating in the Lantern Festival right here in America as well. With such a diverse population of Asian peoples arriving on our shores every single year, it’s to be expected. Every day more and more people are using sky lanterns, and it’s easy to understand why when you see how cool they look.

Sky Lanterns at Weddings

The event where sky lanterns are getting the most popular is definitely weddings. Many couples choose to buy them for all of their guests. Much like at the Lantern Festival, guests write their well-wishes for the new couple or a loved one that couldn’t be at the wedding on their sky lanterns. They do this before they’re released into the heavens. Whether you believe that this will help your wishes come true or not, it is a very fun and awe-inspiring spectacle. It’s easy to see why it’s growing more and more popular every single year.

New Types of Lanterns

With this newfound popularity also comes new innovations. To satisfy the growing appetite of the American public, manufacturers are coming out with many new types of lanterns. One of the most notable are the shooting star sky lanterns. They combine a normal lantern with the glittering fun of a sparkler. This type of sky lantern leaves a trail of sparks in its wake as it floats off into the distance. Of course, don’t confuse these with the regular party lanterns used at weddings!

Whether you’re planning to use your sky lanterns for the Lantern Festival or you’re buying them for another type of event, rest assured that you’re not alone in this endeavor. More and more people are celebrating the Lantern Festival each year right here in America. So definitely make sure you stock up ahead of time. There’s nothing cooler than going out back and releasing your sky lanterns during the Lantern Festival. Seeing other people’s lanterns float by is cool, too. I always wonder what those people wrote on their lantern. Are there other people out there are wondering the same thing about my sky lantern? Even if you don’t see another sky lantern all night long, it is still an event you’ll savor for weeks.