When you’re finding the accessories and add-ons for your wedding, sticking to your theme is really important. Whether you are planning a summer or winter event, sparklers for weddings are always a popular choice. However, many of the normal items people choose can clash with these bold favors. Fortunately, there are plenty of items that pair well with wedding sparklers that will keep your theme intact. Additionally, there are a few accessories that will make using them easier and more elegant. Here are a few of my favorite items to help you out with the planning process.

Wedding Favors that Pair Well with Sparklers

Image of a Wedding Cake with Sparklers on TopAt the top of my list are a few items that compliment sparklers well at an event. These items aren’t directly related to their use, but they will add more depth to the party. Whether they are used together or separately, they go hand-in-hand with the main attraction. Here are a few of my favorites along with what makes them a great choice.

Sky Lanterns

Sky lanterns are a classic wedding favor, and they are the perfect addition to keep with the same theme. There are many great ways they can be used at a wedding, but certain activities work better than others. The best choice is to use your sky lanterns during your grand exit. Creating an aerial display while simultaneously creating a sparkling tunnel on the ground is a great way to spice up the activity! Optionally, you can just pass them out as favors for a little extra variety.

Cake and Bottle Sparklers

One of my favorite items that pair well with wedding sparklers is versions that are designed for use on cakes and bottles. Whether you want to place a few on the top tier of your cake or use them during your champagne toast, you simply can’t go wrong. Additionally, it will add continuity if you already plan to use them during your send-off line. By attaching a few bottle sparklers to your champagne, you can make your reception a sparkling success, too!

Wooden Roses

If you plan to use sparklers in your centerpieces, you can’t go wrong with wooden roses as a beautiful add-on. First off, the roses will add a lot to the depth of your centerpieces. Furthermore, the wire stems will blend nicely with the appearance of the metal wire sparklers. Available in a huge variety of color choices, wooden roses are an affordable way to create centerpieces that you can be proud of. Simply find an inexpensive vase or jar, and fill them with the colors that you desire. Best of all, your guests can take one home as a unique keepsake! Between both items, you will have a lovely and functional addition to each of your reception tables.

Accessory Items that Pair Well with Wedding Sparklers

Image of Sparklers in a Centerpiece JarBesides items that compliment them well, there are several accessory items that pair well with wedding sparklers, too. All of these items will either aid you in their use or enhance how they are presented at your event. No matter what activities you have planned, consider these to complete your package.

Sparkler Tags or Holders

One of the classiest adornments you can add to your favors is tags or holders. Tags are the more popular option because they decorate each sparkler individually. However, holders are a faster and less expensive option because they will hold up to 6 at a time. Either way, there are plenty of free templates available for download to make the process simple. With a few scraps of paper, you can make your items look fantastic at your celebration!

Display Buckets

Display buckets are another important accessory if you aren’t planning to include them in your centerpieces. Most commonly, couples will place their display buckets at the guest table. This allows guests to grab their sparklers at the same time that they sign into your event. However, choosing the right type of bucket is important to matching your theme. When in doubt, choose a galvanized steel bucket for that “rustic” look. If possible, you should also find chalkboard stickers so you can write a message on each bucket. Remember, it’s the little details that make all the difference!

Signs or Table Tents

Whether you choose buckets or centerpieces as your vessel, having some sort of sign is crucial. You need to inform your guests of how and when to use their favors, and a sign does the job best. Typically, you can find a collection of signs that you can download and print yourself. If you are distributing them from your guests table, a small sign will do the job nicely. However, if they will be included in your centerpieces, a table tent is more practical. Either way, make sure to include all of the important details and place them in a highly visible spot.

Torch Lighters

Image of a Fire Extinguisher for Safety at an EventOne of the most practical items that pair well with wedding sparklers is a high quality torch lighter. The large flame on a torch lighter will make quick work of lighting multiple sparklers simultaneously so you can enjoy the fun. Though any type of lighter can get the job done, a torch style lighter will by far be the most efficient. Remember, the faster you can get things lit, the faster you can enjoy your activities.

Fire Extinguishers or Buckets of Water

Having a reliable way to extinguish your spent sparklers is more than just an accessory; it is a necessity. Safety is always paramount at a wedding; and the importance only increases when you have open flames involved. Personally, I prefer to have both of these items on hand during the event. Buckets of water are by far the fastest way to ensure they are completely extinguished, so I like to place a few around the reception hall. However, there are certain circumstances when a fire extinguisher is the only thing that can get the job done. Hopefully, using one won’t be necessary; but it’s always best to be prepared for any eventuality.

Whether you’re looking for additional wedding favors or accessories to enhance their appearance, finding items that pair well with wedding sparklers can bring your whole theme together. Most couples take the time to coordinate their wedding colors, so why not your favors, too? Overall, these little details will help to add continuity and make your favor choices a more integral part of the extravaganza!