Most of the time, the sparklers you find at your local store have been quite aged. And by aged, I mean they have been sitting in a warehouse for 2-4 years! Now, it’s true that our products have a very long shelf life up to 8-10 years. Obviously, you need to assume that they have been kept dry and safe from any other possible contaminants. However, is it better when shopping for wedding sparklers to buy fresh ones versus older stock? The answer may surprise you, and I’ll dig into the details about fresh sparklers below.

What is the Shelf Life of Wedding Sparklers?

As I mentioned before, the shelf life of sparklers is between 8-10 years. In fact, they can actually last even longer under the right conditions. However, there are key elements such as humidity (moisture) and sunlight exposure to consider. If they are exposed to dry conditions, they will become brittle and fall apart during the performance. Conversely, if they are exposed to moisture or humidity, they will become impossible to light and fizzle out during use. It’s hard to nail down exactly how long a sparkler lasts, but the most important factor is proper storage to get the longest shelf life. This is why it is so important to buy fresh sparklers instead of old stock for your wedding.

What Happens to a Sparkler When it Gets Old?

Image of a Broken Sparkler Damaged at the WarehouseWhen a sparkler gets old and dated, there are a number of bad characteristics that occur. First off, the performance will not be anything like you’d expect. The sparks will be small and dull, and it will be difficult to light. Additionally, you can run into problems with them falling apart entirely during the performance. If you are planning to hold them above a couples’ heads at a wedding, this can be extremely dangerous. To avoid any issues, I always recommend buying fresh sparklers for weddings to ensure you have an incident-free celebration. The average life expectancy of any given product is shorter than most fireworks, but it all depends on storage.

What are the Benefits of Fresh Sparklers?

On the other hand, choosing sparklers that are fresh will yield much better results. First off, you won’t have to worry about whether or not they are saturated with moisture. As mentioned, both water and humidity can wreak havoc on them. Additionally, they will be easier to light because they will be exactly the way the manufacturers intended. Lastly, the boxes will have better coloration and open easier than old stock. On aged items, you may even get dust that falls out the bottom of the boxes! If you want the very best performance, choosing fresh sparklers for weddings is the only real option.

Can I Keep Unused Sparklers Fresh?

Most couples will end up having a few of their sparklers leftover from their celebration. This is only natural, and there’s no reason you can’t use them at a future event. However, it’s really important to keep them away from moisture and sunlight to ensure they remain fresh. The best way to do this is to store them in a plastic tote in a temperature-controlled area of your home. In fact, many people intentionally order extras so they can enjoy their leftover wedding sparklers for graduations, birthdays, or New Year’s Eve. However you plan to use them, make sure they are stored properly and you shouldn’t have any problems.

How Do I Know if I’m Buying Fresh Sparklers or Old Ones?

Overall, there’s only one surefire way to make sure you are getting the freshest sparklers for weddings available. You simply must choose a reputable company that has a high turnover. Additionally, they need to source sparklers direct from the factory. All too often, retailers will have old or damaged stock on hand and try to move it as if it was brand new. Sadly, you will end up with malfunctioning items that are either difficult to light or dangerous to use. If you care about the dollars you spend, make sure you are ordering from a reputable brand.

In the end, having fresh sparklers is obviously important for a variety of reasons. Obviously, you can save your unused leftovers for future events; but you should only do so within reason. If you doubt a supplier for any reasons, you should not make a purchase from them. Additionally, you should store them in some sort of weatherproof storage container until you are ready to use them. Good luck, and enjoy your sparkling celebration!