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Inspiration for Using Sparklers on Holidays

Weddings are not the only type of celebration that can benefit from the use of our products. In fact, there are some sparkler holidays like 4th of July and New Year’s that we all already celebrate. However, there are plenty of other holidays on the calendar that are overlooked. So, I’ve put together a collection of images and tips to help show you the opportunities that are out there. Below, you will find some pictures to provide inspiration for using sparklers on holidays.

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Photo Gallery for Using Sparklers on Holidays

Image of a Woman Using Sparklers by the Christmas Tree

Enjoying a Few Sparklers by the Christmas Tree

Christmas trees are full of light and things that sparkle, so combining them with sparklers isn’t too far fetched! This image shows how fun it can be to celebrate in style once your tree is finally decorated. ‘Tis the season!

Image of 2 Teenagers Sharing a Sparkler While Watching the Fireworks

Teens Sharing a Sparkler While Watching the Fireworks

Some traditions date back generations and have been passed down from our parents. One such activity is enjoying sparklers while watching the big fireworks show. This photograph shows two young adults doing exactly that.

Image of Santa Holding a Lit Sparkler on Christmas

Santa Holding a Lit Sparkler on Christmas Day

What could possibly be better than Santa Clause coming to town? Pulling up in his sleigh holding sparklers, of course! Santa is often depicted with glitter and sparks trailing behind him, and this picture just might explain why.

Image of a Woman Sparklers Outside on New Year's Eve

Using Sparklers Outside on New Year’s Eve with Champagne

Some people live in a warm climate year-round. However, the majority of us live in regions where it can get quite chilly outside around the first of the year. This image shows a woman bundled up while enjoying her sparklers.

Image of a Family Enjoying Sparklers at Thanksgiving Dinner

A Family Enjoying Sparklers at Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is one of the most loved holidays because of how close we feel to our loved ones. It’s the time when we all say thanks, and some families like using sparklers on Thanksgiving as part of that tradition.

All That Glitters is Gold image

All That Glitters is Gold… Especially Those Sparklers!

Getting caught up in the holiday excitement is what it’s all about. The color gold and Christmas go together perfectly, and fortunately most sparklers burn in the color gold. As a bonus, that means they can be used inside, too!

Image of a Couple Slow Dancing with Sparklers for Hanukah

A Couple Slow Dancing with Sparklers for Hanukah

There are several fun ways to use sparklers for Hanukah. For instance, you could light one on each night or even create a menorah with several of them. Optionally, you can choose to slow dance like the couple in this photo.

Image of a Patriotic 4th of July Pose

Striking that Patriotic 4th of July Pose to the Max

Everyone loves patriotic pictures, and the 4th of July is a great time to strike a pose. This person pulled out all the stops by draping an American flag over her shoulders and painting her nails. Of course, she’s also proudly displaying sparklers.

Image of a Quiet Christmas at Home with Sparklers

Enjoying a Quiet Christmas at Home with Sparklers

Whether you don’t have children or they’re staying with the grandparents, a quiet Christmas at home can be very relaxing. Sometimes the best inspiration for using sparklers on holidays comes from unexpected ideas.


Tips for Using Sparklers on Holidays

Holidays are a time to get together with family and celebrate. No matter what your belief structure, everyone celebrates some type of holiday throughout the year. Here are a few tips to help you make sparklers part of your next holiday gathering.

Independence Day

The 4th of July is the most widely-known holiday for using sparklers. Whether you remember using them as a child or you now host a party of your own, they are intrinsically connected at the hip. Typically, people get together and enjoy a backyard gathering with grilled foods and mingling. Later in the evening, they head to their local fireworks store or to their favorite spot to watch the show hosted by the city. No matter your plans, sparklers are almost certainly going to be included; especially if there are kids involved.


Christmas is normally a time we associate with family, gifts, Santa Claus, and Jesus. However, most families create long-lasting traditions that carry over into future generations. Whether it’s a unique dessert or a special game that you play on Christmas morning, the time you put into cherishing your family should not be understated. Though most people wouldn’t immediately think of using a sparkler on this holiday, it has the ability to bring people closer and emphasize what we are celebrating. And, at heart, isn’t that what Christmas is truly all about?


What is the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind when they think about Thanksgiving? Turkey and pumpkin pie, of course! However, it is also a time to give and share “thanks” with your family for all the great things in your life. Whether you do that by watching football or taking turns saying what you are thankful for, it is all in the same spirit. Hopefully, our products can find a place in your celebration. However, as long as you get to spend time with those you love, that is all that really matters.

New Year’s

At the stroke of midnight, the New Year begins and everyone celebrates wildly. Commonly, you will see people wearing funny hats and using kazoos and other noisemakers. Additionally, it is a tradition to kiss the one you love and toast to the year that passed with a flute of champagne. However, fireworks and sparklers are often part of the celebration, too! Typically, I suggest choosing bottle sparklers for your celebration because they are very fitting for the occasion. However, any version will do the trick if you have trouble sourcing the ones for champagne bottles.


Halloween is probably the favorite holiday of children across the country. Mainly, this is due to the abundance of candy they receive and are allowed to enjoy. Additionally, kids have a great time dressing up in costumes and carving pumpkins. However, there are plenty of other activities that you can enjoy as a family including using sparklers on Halloween. Most people just hold them in their hand, but I prefer to use them in place of candles for illuminating jack-o-lanterns. It can be a fun tradition to light sparklers inside your pumpkins first, and then place a normal candle inside after. Then, you can enjoy your trick-or-treating experience with a renewed sense of joy and excitement!


Diwali is a Hindu holiday that lasts several days, and is known as the festival of light. The proper name for it is Deepavali, but it is more commonly known as Diwali in the United States. The dates that this celebration occurs vary from year to year, but it always happens in the time frame of late October to mid-November. Traditionally, participants will light diyas (small candles) and a variety of fireworks. Most notably, people will use sparklers for Diwali; particularly when children will be taking part. It’s not exactly the same as our Independence Day, but the use of pyrotechnics is just as common.

Valentine’s Day

Many people believe that Valentine’s Day was created by the Hallmark Corporation to sell sappy cards. Others believe that it is an excuse to jack up the prices on flowers, candy, and other romantic gifts. However, I firmly believe it is based on love and that it is a wonderful holiday to celebrate. In fact, there are many people who use this holiday to get engaged, get married, or to renew their vows! Now, imagine making your proposal with an incredible sparkling backdrop. Or, perhaps you want them to adorn your champagne bottle or decorate that special dessert. Whatever you choose, our products can enhance the magic that you share on Valentine’s Day.

Patriotic Holidays

Of course, patriotic holidays are often some of the most overlooked holidays for using sparklers. In the past, people would line the streets holding them to celebrate our veterans and troops for myriad reasons. Here are a few of the most notable patriotic holidays for using our products.

  • Veteran’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • President’s Day
  • Patriot Day

Though these are the most common times to see someone hold a sparkler for a patriotic holiday, there are really no limitations. In fact, many people use them on Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day and even Labor Day! The only restrictions are the ones that you create in your own mind.

St. Patrick’s Day

Historically, the St. Patrick’s Day is meant to commemorate St. Patrick for his many accomplishments. Some go as far as to say that he expelled all the rats from the streets of Ireland! However, in modern times, it is used as an excuse to act like a drunken fool. However, whether you drink Irish whisky or green beer, there are plenty of ways that our products can enhance the celebration. Most people think of the color green for this holiday, but I always remember the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Luckily, we offer neon colored sparklers in every color of the rainbow for just this occasion! You simply won’t find a happier, brighter, or more colorful way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.


All too often, people forget that Easter is meant to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Instead, we focus on Easter baskets filled with candy, rabbits somehow laying eggs (even though they are mammals), and dying eggs all the different colors of the rainbow. Additionally, most people look forward to carving their Easter ham and spending time with their loved ones. However, it can also be a great time to share in a group experience that everyone will enjoy. Perhaps Easter sparklers aren’t a thing yet, but I why shouldn’t they be?

The Sky is the Limit

It’s important to remember that there aren’t any limitations. Here are a few more holidays that weren’t mentioned, but are not forgotten.

  • Ramadan
  • Chinese New Year
  • Kwanzaa

Just remember that the sky is the limit and every important day can be enhanced with a little sparkle.


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