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Inspiration for Sparkler Photography

Mastering the art of sparkler photography takes a great deal of patience and experience. Mostly, it will require you to experiment with your equipment until you find that settings that work best. Sure, there are standard camera settings that you can program in advance to give you an edge; but there are other factors, too. From determining lighting to understanding angles, the pictures below should serve as inspiration for sparkler photography to help get it right.

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Photo Gallery for Sparkler Photography Inspiration

Image of a Person Writing LOVE with Sparklers

Writing the Word “LOVE”

One of the most popular things to write in pictures is the word “LOVE”. This is a fantastic choice for events like weddings for obvious reasons. However, it can also be used for other romantic events, too. This one requires a lot of practice, but the effort will certainly pay off.

Image of a Person Drawing a Heart in Their Photo

Drawing a Heart Shape

Another popular thing to draw in the air is hearts. This pattern is much easier to rehearse than a multi-letter word, so it is ideal for beginners. However, just make sure you don’t buy heart shaped sparklers for this photo shoot because they don’t work very well for this purpose!

Creating an Arch Shape in Your Pictures

Creating an Arch Shape in your Pictures

Arches are by far the easiest shape to create in the background of your pictures. If you use your full range of motion, it should be very simple to keep consistent. If you’re looking for the easiest option, this is the best choice.

Image of a Man Photographing a Sparkler with His Smartphone

Photographing a Sparkler with a Smartphone

Typically, professional photographers use expensive equipment and high end cameras. However, smartphones are what most amateurs end up using. With enough experimenting, though, you can still get some great shots.

Image of a Person Writing "2021" in the Air

Writing “2021” in the Air

Besides the 4th of July, the next most popular holiday for our products is New Year’s Eve. Whether you have a party at home or head out to celebrate, they are a fun addition to the celebration. Best of all, you can use them to commemorate the year ahead!

Image of a Person Drawing the Shape of Minnesota State

Drawing the Shape of Minnesota

This is one of the more unique shapes that I’ve seen, and that’s why I’ve included it in my inspiration for sparkler photography gallery. This person drew the state of Minnesota. This image shows that you can do all sorts of fun things if you just use some creativity.

An Image Edited in Photoshop to Add Sparks

Editing Pictures Using Photoshop

Instead of staging a real photo shoot, many people opt to use photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop to simulate things after the fact. As this image shows, the results are spectacular. However, be aware that the process can be quite time-consuming.

Group of People Writing

Spelling Out “COOL”

In this photo, a group of four people worked together to spell out the word “COOL”. Whenever you are doing group pictures, more preparation and patience are required. However, as you can see, all of that hard work pays off with absolutely stunning results..

Image of a Person Writing the Word "AMOR" with Sparklers

Writing the Latin Word “AMOR”

Another popular word to write in wedding photos is “AMOR”. This word is actually Latin, and it loosely translates to the word “love”. Many people enjoy incorporating foreign languages into their wedding theme. Latin is a romantic language, so it’s easy to see the appeal.


Tips for Taking Great Sparkler Photos

Getting the highest quality photos of your sparklers can be a tedious process, but the result will be the highlight your scrapbook. Here are some tips to help you achieve excellent results with as little hassle as possible. However, remember that practice is the key to having success.

Choosing the Right Sparklers

One of the most important things to get right before taking photos is to choose the right sparklers. In general, you want to have your pictures as clear as possible. So, you want to use something that creates as little smoke as possible; namely gold wedding sparklers. However, they come in several different sizes, so it can get a little confusing. I always suggest choosing 20 inch sparklers for weddings because they last a lot longer than the 10 inch version. Similarly, the 36 inch version is too long to be handled easily. When you balance out these factors, choosing the 20 inch version is the obvious choice.

Lighting and Angles

Getting these factors correct is the real purpose behind providing inspiration for sparkler photography. By studying the gallery above, you can see how the different lighting choices and angles affect the outcome. Overall, you want to make sure there is space between the person and their sparkler. Since these items create their own light source, you don’t need a lot of external lighting. Additionally, how you plan to use them in your pictures will make a difference to your approach. I suggest simulating some of the examples above and tweaking them from that point.

Camera Settings

Adjusting the settings on your camera for the best results will vary greatly based on the equipment you are using. For instance, a high quality DSLR camera will require certain settings while the camera on your phone will be completely different. However, you can get good results using either type of device. The main factors are having a long exposure time and a wide open aperture to collect all the light. It may take you a dozen or more tries, but once you figure it out everything should be pretty consistent.

Choose What You Want to Photograph

The factors that go into capturing great wedding sparkler photos will vary based on what you’re attempting to do. For instance, if you are going to be writing with sparklers in the air, the photo shoot will require a certain set of requirements. Conversely, if you are photographing your wedding exit, the settings will be vastly different. Since each scenario is unique, you’ll want to put some time into deciding your activities ahead of time. With a well-constructed plan, you can set yourself up for a successful shoot.

Rehearse Your Photo Shoot

Muscle memory is one of the most important aspects to getting good photos. If you want to draw a heart in your picture, creating the same exact shape over and over again is imperative. So, make sure you spend a lot of time rehearsing the movements ahead of time before lighting your sparklers. Obviously, it’s going to take a few tries before you get the settings right once you get them lit. However, there’s no reason to light them prematurely before all the other pieces are in place. Rehearsing the movements is the fastest way to achieving a successful photo shoot.

Practice Makes Perfect

Don’t get discouraged if your photos aren’t amazing right away. It takes professional photographers a lot of time to get good at capturing odd items like sparklers. The amount of light and movement they generate make it one of the more challenging subject you can capture. However, with enough patience and practice, you can get the settings, lighting, and angles just right for excellent results. This is supposed to be something fun and unique, so try to stay positive and enjoy the process. In the end, a positive attitude is the best inspiration for sparkler photography.


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