When the time comes to say your vows, where will you and your new spouse be standing? Will it be in a church, or a hotel’s ballroom, or will it be under a tree in a local park? Beautiful weddings can be had indoors or outdoors, of course, but there are plenty of points to ponder when you’re picking which locale is right for you. Here are some things to consider when comparing indoor versus outdoor weddings..

Indoor Wedding: Controlled Space

A freak rainstorm can’t derail an indoor wedding; not even a freak blizzard can stop the ceremony from going on. You can adjust the temperature so men in suits aren’t sweltering and women in dresses aren’t freezing. There’s no worry that a bee will take a liking to the bride’s bouquet, or that a breeze will flip up the bridesmaid’s skirts. When you’re indoors, you know exactly what you’re getting. They even make sparklers for indoor weddings so there’s no need to go outside at all. This is one of the primary considerations when considering indoor versus outdoor weddings.

Outdoor Wedding: The Beauty of Nature

Simple Outdoor Wedding imageSure, nature is unpredictable, but it’s also grand, awe-inspiring, and romantic. A grove of trees overhead or beach sand beneath your feet can make you feel especially grounded in a momentous occasion. Instead of the rustle of feet and a stray cough inside a church, the background noise at your wedding could be a babbling brook or the crashing of the ocean while saying your vows. Even though being exposed to the elements has its risks, there are ample rewards.

Indoor Wedding: Easier to Hear and Be Heard

If you don’t want your guests to miss a word of your vows, it’s hard to beat an enclosed space with a public address system. Outdoors, a strong gust of wind might make the guests miss those words you spent hours crafting. The same applies to musical interludes and romantic wedding readings you may have planned. It’s hard to beat the awe-inspiring echo of a cathedral.

Outdoor Wedding: Easier to Not Hear Distractions

In an enclosed space, a fussy baby or a fidgety kindergartner can really steal focus away from the bride and groom. Outdoors, there’s enough ambient noise to make cries, shuffles, and coughs less of a distraction. What’s more, kids can distract themselves more readily outdoors than in. With more to look at and more room to breathe, they’re less likely to fuss in the first place. Whether or not kids will be attending plays a role in deciding between indoor versus outdoor weddings.

Indoor Wedding: Control Over Decoration

An indoor wedding venue is a blank slate for you to decorate. Just use the flowers, streamers, and lights that you’ve chosen. A venue might even offer a package with a variety of decorations to choose from and do the decorating for you. Since you won’t be worried about the wind knocking over your centerpieces or the sun melting the candles, you can set up the space exactly how you’d like it.

Outdoor Wedding: Less Need to Decorate

If your wedding setting is suitably picturesque, too much decoration is just gilding the lily. Why bring vases full of flowers to a place where wildflowers are already growing? Why bother wrapping streamers around things if there are trees arching overhead? The beauty of nature is your best decoration for an outdoor wedding. It needs minimal setup and it doesn’t cost a dime.

Conclusion on Indoor Versus Outdoor Weddings

Though they both have their pros and cons, simply comparing indoor versus outdoor weddings will usually paint an obvious picture. Some will happily give up a little ambiance for the climate control an indoor space offers. Some can’t imagine making a promise so big inside four walls and will opt for outside. As long as you and your partner communicate with each other and ponder the advantages and drawbacks, you’re sure to pick the venue that is right for you.