Ideas for Using Sparklers at Weddings

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As the use of wedding sparkles continues to grow in popularity, so does the vast collection of great ideas for using sparklers at weddings. There are literally dozens of ways to use wedding sparklers as part of your event, running the gambit from wedding favors and pure fun to an elegant and majestic addition to your ceremony. Below, we have outlined 3 of our favorite use for sparklers at weddings, most of them coming highly recommended from our customers.

Wedding Sparkler Send-Off Line

Wedding Sparklers in Send Off LineUsing wedding sparklers as part of your send-off line is by far the most popular way to use sparklers at weddings. Simply hand out sparklers to your guests in advance, or place them in and obvious location that is highly visible. When it’s time to do the send-off line, all your guests light their sparklers and hold them up high so that as you move down the send-off line, you are surrounded by sparkling beauty on all sides. Nothing adds magic and whimsy to your special day like a wedding sparkler send-off line.

Sparklers as Wedding Favors

10 Inch Wedding SparklersAnother great use for wedding sparklers is to use them as wedding favors. Everyone loves sparklers, so they can make an affordable wedding favor as well as add practical fun to your wedding. You’ll be amazed at how many compliments you receive when you provide wedding  sparklers to your guests, and most guests are certain to use them on your wedding day. You can also use them as part of your decorations such as centerpieces and bouquets made from wedding sparklers placed in the center of your reception tables.

Wedding Ceremony Finale

Kissing_with_wedding_sparklersImagine standing in front of all your friends and family ready for the big kiss at the end of your ceremony. Suddenly you hear those long-awaited words, “you may kiss the bride”. As your magical kiss ensues, a glorious burst of sparkling magic begins in the backdrop. There is nothing more powerful than a “first kiss” with added magic of a wedding sparkler display. Take it from me, your guests will be talking about your wedding ceremony for years to come.

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