Wooden RosesWhen it comes time for the bride to think about giving gifts to her bridesmaids and maid of honor, many things can come to mind. These women, after all, are the most important people to the bride when planning her wedding, besides the groom. The bride, often times, has been friends with these women for her whole life, so what can possibly be the best gift to show the love she has for them, as well as the appreciation she holds for these women being such a wonderful help with wedding details?

A unique idea for bridesmaids gifts is to get them customized engraved wooden roses. The bride can choose what color to have and what to say to each bridesmaid, as well as the maid of honor, which not only personalizes the gifts, it also shows the deep connection the bride has forged and maintained with each of the ladies in her wedding party. The wooden rose is a unique way for the bride to show how much she has appreciated the connections she has with the female members of her wedding party, and she has multiple options for colors and engraving.

One recommendation is to engrave the rose with a memory of how the bride met the bridesmaid. This is a great way, on her wedding day, for the bride and her bridesmaid to reminisce about how they have grown together as friends. Another recommendation for what to engrave is a phrase that reminds the bride and her bridesmaid about an important or funny memory they share. What better way, on the day of a wedding, than to remember something that has special meaning to the bride and her bridesmaid?

The ideas for what to engrave on your wooden roses as a bridesmaid gift are endless, which allows for a bride to have a high level of creativity with her wedding party gifts, as well as to show how each member of her wedding party has impacted her life in a positive way. On the most important day of her life, what better way for a bride to show her appreciation than with a unique gift that shows how much she loves the women who have helped her plan her wedding?