Ideas to Make Your Beach Wedding Perfect: Starfish Bouquet imageIf you’ve spent some time thinking about where and when you want to have your wedding, then chances are you’ve considered having a beach wedding. There are few ideas more appealing then kicking off your shoes and getting married barefoot on the beach; especially if you live in a northern state that has nasty cold winters! However, to make your beach wedding perfect is not all fun and games; there are actually quite a few challenges that are presented when you opt for a destination wedding.

The most daunting part of the planning process is that you won’t have any of the traditional help you get from a rented venue in the decorating and coordinating process. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to make your beach wedding perfect by using the natural beauty around you and adding in just a few simple details.

Starfish and Seashells Everywhere

There are few things that say “beach wedding” more than starfish Seashell Bouquetor seashells. So, incorporating them into the design of otherwise normal wedding items can make a big difference. One of my favorite things to do is to create a bridal bouquet. Use tons of tropical colors like yellow, orange, and blue and add a few starfish to make it really look beach ready. You can also add little starfish to the boutonnieres for the groom and groomsmen to bring the entire look together.

Optionally, you can take a similar approach using seashells. Instead of creating floral centerpieces for your tables, you can easily create them using a variety of different seashells. Simply find some small plastic sand buckets, fill them with seashells, and tie a decorative ribbon around the bucket to complete the look. If you are worried about the seashells falling out of the bucket, you can use some hot glue to hold them together or buy a pre-molded plastic version.

Beach Wedding AttireBeach Attire

When choosing what you and your partner want to wear during you beach ceremony, you want to find a good mix between elegance and comfort. Beach weddings are typically a little more casual than other types of weddings. However, you still want to look nice for your wedding photos. A nice button-up shirt and either shorts or rolled-up khakis for the groom usually look great. Similarly, a simple short dress for the bride is fine. Both the bride and groom should consider either sandals or going barefoot.

For the bridal party, having the bridesmaids and groomsmen wear contrasting colors that also compliment the beach scene is a very good choice. Having the bridesmaids where bright orange dresses will look really great set against the backdrop of sand and water; and having the groomsmen wear white suit coats will look clean and elegant. The groomsmen should where bright orange ties to compliment the bridesmaid’s dresses to bring it all together.

Bridesmaids Wearing LeisBridesmaids Accessories to Make Your Beach Wedding Perfect

Having the right accessories for your outfit is important regardless of the type of wedding you plan. However, at a beach wedding it is of paramount importance. Having really nice fashion accessories in the right color can take your beach wedding attire from boring to outstanding in no time. Make sure you get this detail right should be at the top of your list. Lets say your bridesmaids are wearing orange dress. Consider having them wear purple leis to compliment the dress and add some more color. Parasols are also a great way to add some more flare to your beach wedding attire. The same contrasting color concept should be used with those as well.

Ceremony Ideas to Make Your Beach Wedding Perfect

During the ceremony, using little details to boost the appearance Rings in Clamshellsof traditional elements will make the event classier. It will also blend into the theme of a beach wedding more easily. During things like exchanging your wedding rings, you can have them brought out on little clam shells instead of regular ring boxes. You can also choose to do a “sand ceremony”. That’s where each partner pours their own color of sand into a container at the same time. It signifies the joining of their two lives; a practice that is ideal to make your beach wedding perfect.

Lastly, you can show up to the ceremony via a small boat rather than walking down the aisle to really bring the whole theme together. There are a variety of wedding sparkler accessories to make your entrance even better. Anything you can do to make your beach wedding perfect will make the event a better experience for everyone.