Idaho Fireworks Laws

Fireworks Laws: Where to Buy Wedding Sparklers in Idaho

Idaho is known for its vast expanses of wilderness that are largely untouched by humans. As such, the Idaho fireworks laws are designed to protect nature. For this reason, you don’t want to pick items that are considered prohibited by their government. So, before you decide to grab sparklers from the store for your upcoming wedding, you need to know the laws to prevent problems.

Whether you live in Boise, or any other city in Idaho, you need to know that they take their local regulations very seriously; even though it’s home to the longest Main Street in America (33 miles long) in Island Park. To help, I’ve broken down the most important Idaho fireworks laws in great detail so you don’t run into any unwanted surprises. Here’s the scoop.

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State of Idaho Fireworks Laws

Below is a breakdown of their state regulations. Please note that this information changes often, so check back regularly. Additionally, cities, counties, and parishes reserve the right to create add-on laws. Check with the local authorities for final approval.

Specifically Permitted (Legal)

Non-aerial fireworks devices only. This includes ground spinners, fountains, wedding sparklers, smoke devices, and snakes.

Specifically Prohibited (Illegal)

Any fireworks not specifically permitted, such as firecrackers, jumping jacks, or similar products. Aerial fireworks are prohibited.

Legal Selling Period

Midnight, June 23 through midnight, July 5 and Midnight December 26 through midnight January 1. May be regulated by local jurisdictions allow or prohibit other dates.

Minimum Age to Purchase

You must be at least 18 years of age or older, unless accompanied by adult. Age verification must be presented upon request. Underage sale punishable by fine or jail time.

*Please note that while we always attempt to keep this section up-to-date with the latest Idaho fireworks laws, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information. This information is for reference purposes only, and you should check with the Idaho state government before using wedding sparklers at your event. We are not responsible for errors in the information on this site. Also, we will not be held responsible for any violations of the law by the end user.


Finding a Place to Buy Wedding Sparklers

Because there are so many forests and wildlife areas, large aerial fireworks are completely banned under their regulations. Wildfires are a major concern, so protecting nature takes precedence in the state. However, novelties and small ground-based items are completely allowed; so you won’t have trouble finding where to buy wedding sparklers in Idaho. However, they are only allowed to be sold from June through December, so spring events may find it a little more difficult. Additionally, items like bottle sparklers that are very niche-oriented may be impossible to locate. Fortunately, you can order them online and have them shipped to you 365 days a year. Here the most popular options for couples planning a wedding in Idaho.


Interesting Facts About Idaho

Idaho is a very unusual state because they have a little bit of every lifestyle. In the cities, they are very “cosmopolitan”. Meanwhile, in the rural areas, country living is the way of life. With so much variety, there are many fun facts about the state that you may find interesting. Here are a few of my favorite ones.

  • Nickname: Gem State
  • Motto: Esto perpetua (Let it be perpetual)
  • Statehood: July 3, 1890 (43th)
  • Origin of State’s Name: A derivation of an Indian phrase “E Dah Hoe (How)” supposedly meaning “gem of the mountains”
  • State Flower: Syringa – Mock Orange (philadelphus lewisii)
  • Largest City: Boise
  • State Song: Here We Have Idaho
  • Border States: Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming
  • State Tree: White Pine (Pinus Monticola pinaceae)
  • Land Area: 82,751 sq. mi., 11th largest
  • State Bird: Mountain Bluebird

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Sparkler Tip #12: Always Pair Your Sparklers With Other Items!

Though they are a great standalone item, it’s always best to pair wedding sparklers with other items for the best presentation. Whether you’re using them as part of a larger activity or just want them to be more decorative, there are many options available. Consider adding decorative tags or vases to your purchase to help create stunning centerpieces. Optionally, you can choose different versions for each group at your reception. Fortunately, if you find where to buy wedding sparklers in Idaho, they’ll usually have a selection of accessories as well. Remember, the way you present them is always very important!


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