Using sparklers for weddings is a relatively new trend, but it is very popular. They can really help to capture the spirit of a celebration, and there many fun ways to incorporate them into your event. Additionally, most people are already familiar with how to use them in the first place. However, some couples are new to the idea and have a lot of questions. To help, I’ve put together this quick guide on how to use sparklers for weddings. Here’s what you need to know.

Incorporating Sparklers into your Activities and Decorations

When deciding how to use sparklers for weddings, most couples try to figure out how to incorporate them into the activities or decorations that they already have planned. This is a simple and effective way to add some dazzle to the celebration. Here are a few activities and decorations that can benefit from the addition of our products.

Wedding Exit

Wedding exits have long been a tradition in the United States, and it continues to this day. However, instead of throwing confetti or birdseed, many couples are changing things up. Using sparklers for your wedding exit is one of the most popular options. Simply have your guests create a pathway of sparkling light along the trail. It makes for great pictures, and it is just as inexpensive as the other options.


One of the most common decorations at a reception is table centerpieces. Typically, people choose items like candies or flowers to place in the center of their tables. However, a bouquet of sparklers can be a nice touch instead. Also, you can place instruction cards near the centerpieces so your guests know how and when to use them.

First Kiss

Everyone’s favorite moment at any wedding is the first kiss. It is a magical moment when the bride and groom are joined together through a physical symbol. However, the stakes have gotten much higher in terms of memorable first kiss photos. Many couples incorporate props such as confetti, glitter, or even puppies from the local shelter. Similarly, a more affordable option is to use wedding sparklers as a backdrop of the photo. The added lighting effects create a dazzling wonderland that emphasizes the power of love.

Image of People Creating Amazing Photos Using Wedding SparklersFirst Dance

Similar to the first kiss, sparklers can be used to highlight the couples’ first dance. One method is to have the bridal party use them to “announce” the couple when taking the floor. Optionally, you can choose a long-lasting version such as 36 inch sparklers so they continue to perform through the first dance. Either way, the impact is the same as the first kiss photos; a stunning portrayal of love swaddled by shimmering light.

Writing in Photos

Lastly, you can create some pretty cool effects with sparklers in your photos if you set your camera correctly. You’ll need to set your aperture for a long exposure time to achieve the best results. Furthermore, you’ll want to rehearse your hand and arm movements ahead of time. You want the shape you “draw” in the air to be consistent since the camera will essentially average the light over the course of the exposure. When done correctly, you’ll see a constant “sparkle” where you were waving your shape. It may take some trial and error, but you’ll love the way the pictures turn out.

How to Use Sparklers for Weddings, Literally

Of course, if you’re wondering how to use sparklers for weddings, you may mean literally. After all, not everyone knows how to light, distribute, and properly dispose of them. Here is a breakdown of how to use our products at your celebration in the most literal terms possible.

Image of Sparklers as a Table CenterpieceDistributing Them to Guests

Before you can use them, you need to distribute them to guests. There are many methods that work well, but there are two that are the most efficient. Method one is to place them at the entrance of your event. You can put them in a vase at the guestbook table for maximum visibility. Method two is to place them in vases at each table. This is a great time to integrate wedding sparklers into your centerpieces to take advantage of their decorative properties, too. Make sure to provide a sign or card with info on when and where to use them.

Lighting Your Sparklers for Weddings

Once distributed, you’ll need to get the party started! There are many ways to light a sparkler, but the most efficient way is to use an open flame. The top choices are torches or candles, but a BBQ lighter will work as well. If all else fails, you can use a butane lighter, or even another lit sparkler. Avoid using cumbersome items like matches or Zippo lighters because they won’t do the job very quickly.

Once you’ve selected an ignition source, you’re ready to light your items. Simply hold the sparkler away from your body, and touch the tip to the flame. The performance will begin, and you are free to enjoy your product.

Proper Disposal Methods

After the show has concluded, you need to be responsible with how you dispose of your sparklers. Occasionally, an item can appear to be finished performing but reignite after a few seconds. Additionally, the wire handle can remain hot for several minutes after the performance has completed.

To keep things safe, consider tossing your wires into a large bucket of water. That will ensure they are extinguished all the way without any doubts. If water isn’t an option, a bucket of sand or a fire pit works well, too. No matter what you choose, make sure you respect the heat and temperatures generated by sparklers. And, of course; make sure you have a working fire extinguisher on hand.

So, How Will You Use Sparklers at Your Wedding?

Now that you know all the different ways that they can be used and the literal methods of getting them lit, how will you use sparklers at your wedding? They are a cost-effective alternative to normal wedding favors; especially our modestly-priced 10 inch wedding sparklers. and they add a touch of elegance and excitement to any event. No matter what you have planned, make sure to put safety first and plan out your activities. If the right pieces are put in place, you can have a fun and exciting experience.