If you are planning on using sparklers for nightclub bottle service, there are some important considerations to make. Sure, they can create an exciting and captivating presentation to your guests if executed properly. They are great for bars, nightclubs, lounges, and even restaurants. Furthermore, they can make your product more desirable and help to increase your sales dramatically. However, it’s important to make sure you have all your ducks in a row first. To help, I’ve put together a comprehensive list of things to keep in mind before you proceed. Here is everything you need to know before using bottle sparklers at your venue.

Select the Right Sparklers

Image of a Bartender Using the Wrong Sparklers for Bottle ServiceThe first thing you need to do is make sure you are buying the right product. Occasionally, people try to use traditional “stick” versions for bottle service and have terrible results. Not only is this nearly impossible to accomplish, but it can actually be quite dangerous at an indoor venue. To have better luck, you need to choose sparklers designed specifically for bottles so they perform as intended. If you choose any other version, you aren’t setting yourself up for success.

Prepare the Bottle

Next, you need to setup the bottle so you can safely attach your sparkler. Before presenting the bottle service to the guests, make sure the bottles are chilled and ready for service. Next, you need to remove the cork or open the cap so it is ready to serve upon arrival. Then, you need to attach a sparkler safety clip to the neck and slide the bottle sparkler into it. Once you have the bottle assembled, you are ready to proceed to the next step.

Prepare the Room for Delivery

Once you have the bottle prepared, you need to get the ambiance right inside your venue. To maximize the impact of the presentation, consider dimming the lights in the immediate area around the VIP table. Additionally, make sure you have a clear path to get to the table without any obstacles. The last thing you need is your server tripping on the way! Lastly, there should be no customers in the vicinity of the path to avoid and unintended injuries.

Pump Up the Music

Beyond setting up the room, you can create a better atmosphere if you present your VIP services to a soundtrack. Most bars and nightclubs have music playing at all times, so fade it down to create a dramatic anticipation amongst your guests. Then, put on an extremely exciting song that will garner everyone’s attention. With everyone in the room at full attention, your presentation will have the greatest amount of impact possible.

Light the Bottle Sparklers for Nightclub Bottle Service

Image of People Holding Lit Bottle Sparklers at a NightclubWith everything ready to go, the last step is to get your bottler sparkler lit. You never want to do this near customers, so it’s best to have the bartender do it while standing behind the bar. All you need to do is light the tissue paper on the top of the device with a flame. You can use nearly any item that creates a flame, but I suggest a butane sparkler torch for the fastest option. Not only will it light instantly, but these types of torches don’t stay hot after the job is done.

Deliver the Bottle Service to the VIP Table

With your service staff gathered and the sparkler lit, you are ready to get on with the presentation. With the music dimmed and the music playing, have your server proceed towards the table in a grand and dramatic fashion. Encourage the staff to be vocal and clap their hands. As they make their way through the venue, the glowing bottle sparklers will grab everyone’s attention. Not only will these create a VIP experience, but it should serve as advertisement for other jealous onlookers.

Take the Time to Celebrate With the Patrons

As the sparklers burn out, encourage the guests to cheer and celebrate the occasion. Additionally, your staff should take the time to join in the celebration! Though bottle sparklers can do a lot to increase the energy in your club, excited people will add a lot to the experience, too. First off, the sight of a group of jubilant people is hard to miss for any onlookers. Furthermore, people actually release pheromones when they have adrenaline pumping which is infectious. When you combine sparklers and genuine excitement, you can expect a very powerful concoction.

Make Safety Your Priority

When you are standing at the VIP table presenting the bottle service, safety needs to be the priority. It’s important to train your staff properly to ensure that they understand the correct procedures to use. You should never place the bottle on the table until after the sparklers have completed their performance. Additionally, there needs to be safety equipment such as fire extinguishers and water nearby. Lastly, only the staff members should be allowed to hold the bottles at any time. By adhering to these guidelines, you can expect a safe and exciting experience.

Extinguish the Spent Bottle Sparklers

Once the performance has concluded, you need to make sure you’ve completely extinguished the sparklers before they are discarded. The best way to do this is to have special containers filled with water labeled for this purpose. Make sure you completely submerge the spent tubes so they are fully saturated and waterlogged. Once they are soaked, you can safely toss them into the nearest trash bin.

Using bottle sparklers for nightclub bottle service can quickly elevate the guest experience. They can create a memorable and visually stunning presentation for your VIP customers. Remember, it starts with choosing the right products and creating the perfect mood, but safety should always be the main priority. If you follow all of these steps closely, you can expect a great customer experience and an uptick in bottle service sales. Good luck and thanks for reading!