There are many iconic parts to any wedding celebration, but few are as observed as toasting the bride and groom. Typically, a series of speeches are given by members of the bridal party; as well as the parents of the couple. However, the real tradition involves popping the cork on a bottle of champagne for all of the guests to enjoy. Furthermore, many people use decorations or garnishes to make the presentation even more elaborate. Recently, using bottle sparklers during a champagne toast at a wedding celebration has gained a lot of traction. But what is the best way to do it? Here are some tips so you can make the most of your congratulatory toasts.

Steps for Using Bottle Sparklers During a Champagne Toast

Image of a Couple Toasting with Champagne at a WeddingMost people have little to no experience using bottle sparklers; much less integrating them into a champagne toast! Below, I’ve outlined the various steps you need to consider when planning your toast involving sparklers. By following this guide closely, you’re sure to have the best experience for the guests and the happy couple. Let’s get started.


Before you begin your toasts, you need to have all the right supplies. First, you’ll need to get the right type of sparklers to attach to bottles. Additionally, you’ll need the necessary accessories such as a lighter and safety clips. Once you have all the correct items, you can move onto the next step.

Announce the Toast

As the big moment grows closer, you’ll want someone to make an announcement about the toast. Usually, this is done by the band or DJ. However, it can also be done by the best man or the father of the groom. Regardless of who you choose, this will get everyone’s attention before the fun really begins.

Attach the Sparklers to the Champagne Bottles

Once you are finally ready to start, it’s time to attach them to the neck of each bottle. People have created all sorts of inventive ways of doing this, but in truth there is only one safe method that should be used. As mentioned before, you need to get some bottle sparkler safety clips that snap onto the bottlenecks. Then, you can snap a sparkler into the other side. These will hold everything firmly in place during the presentation before popping the corks.

Light the Sparklers

Once your bottles are prepared, the next step is to ignite them using some source of open flame. There are a variety of ignition sources that can get the job done, and most people already have these items lying around the house. These items include regular butane lighters, BBQ lighters, or even a book of matches. However if you want to get the job done in the fastest and safest way possible, there is simply no substitute for a genuine sparkler torch lighter. They provide an intense flame of heat that will ignite your items instantly. Furthermore, they stay cool to the touch; so you eliminate the risk of accidental injury. They are a bit more expensive than some other options, but they are by far the best tool for the job.

Presenting the Bottle Sparklers During a Champagne Toast

Image of Champagne Bottle Sparklers at a WeddingBegin by filling the guests’ bottles with champagne so they are prepared for the toast. Since the bottle sparklers will be essentially symbolic, they are only intended for the head table. In fact, many people use empty bottles since they are essentially only used as a prop. Next, instruct the guests to raise their glasses for a toast in unison. Carry the bottles with lit sparklers attached into the room to signify the beginning of the first speech. This will ensure everyone is ready to when the big moment arrives.

Make the Toast

As the sparks start to fly, the person giving the toast should make their heartfelt speech. Since bottle sparklers last about a minute each, it’s a good idea to try to time the length of the speech appropriately. Then, in a show of leadership, they can clink their glasses with their partner and say “cheers” before taking a delicious sip. All of this will happen to the soft glow and dazzling effects created by the display.

Take a Moment to Enjoy

Remember not to rush this moment. Bask and savor this joyous occasion, as it is the first of many to come. It’s a great idea to have a wedding photographer snapping photos of various things as you use bottle sparklers during a champagne toast. From capturing the faces of the happy couple to more candid shots of the guests, these will all be cherished additions to the wedding scrapbook.

Extinguish and Dispose of the Spent Bottle Sparklers

Once the moment is done and the last spark has flown, you need to make sure you properly dispose of your sparklers. There are many ways to do this, but my personal preference is to toss them into a big bucket of water. Once they have soaked completely for about ten seconds, you can remove them from the bucket and toss them into a nearby trash can.

Is Using Bottle Sparklers During a Champagne Toast the Best Option?

With any activity involved in a wedding, it’s important to take great care in the details. Since nearly every celebration includes giving speeches while drinking champagne, this is an easy and effective way to add another layer to the event. However, before you decide to use bottle sparklers during a champagne toast, you need to check with your venue and make sure to follow any applicable state fireworks laws. Lastly, you need to make sure you are being safe and making sound choices throughout the entire activity. If you can follow these steps closely, it’s one of the most cost-effective ways to make your wedding day magical. Good luck and thanks for reading!