Store Unused Sparklers imageMany people have unused sparklers left after their wedding. Whether you have 6 sparklers or 300 sparklers left over, knowing how to properly store unused sparklers will allow you to pull them out for another occasion such as New Year’s or the 4th of July without having any issues.

Unused Sparklers Hate Moisture

One of the most important things to remember is that wedding sparklers hate moisture. The quickest way to ruin your sparklers in storage is to allow them to get wet. Ideally, you want to store them in a climate controlled environment such as a closet to avoid excessive humidity and possibility of flooding. However, some people are uncomfortable with the idea of keeping sparklers in their house, so there are some acceptable alternatives.

Store Unused Sparklers in a Container

If you are planning on storing your sparklers in a garage or similar type of area, you may want to consider putting them in some type of sealed storage bag, plastic tote, or even vacuum sealing them to be air tight. The idea here is that if you can keep the ambient air around the sparklers from touching the pyrotechnic compound on the sparkler wire, you greatly reduce the chance of them absorbing any moisture. Even just tying them inside grocery bags will help if all else fails. This will allow you to purchase your sparklers in bulk for future use, too.

Store Unused Sparklers Away from Heat

You also want to store unused sparklers away from excessive heat. A combination of humidity and heat can cause there to be a flammable mixture of oxygen and pyrotechnic compound in the air, which can ignite under the right circumstances from a very tiny spark. While sparklers are obviously not “explosive”, paper or other flammable material in the vicinity of your sparklers may be able to catch fire which result in a bad situation.

In the end, the key of how to properly store unused sparklers is mostly common sense. Keep them dry, in a cool place, and try not to set them on fire. As long as you do that, your sparklers can last virually forever.