Almost everyone has a grandiose vision of where their dream honeymoon spot would be. However, the reality is that not everyone can afford such lavish and expensive trips. Fortunately, though it sounds cliché, even a cheap honeymoon can be an unforgettable adventure as long as you are together. Let’s face it; most of the time you spend on your honeymoon will likely be in your room with each other anyways, so working with a small budget really isn’t the end of the world. If you are like many couples and have a very small budget or no budget at all, here are some good tips to help you save for and plan a cheap honeymoon that will still be rewarding.

Create a Honeymoon Registry

Most couples have already been living together for a while by the time they get married and have most of the trinkets and appliances such as toasters in their kitchen already. If you are more interested in having a nice honeymoon versus getting a new electric can opener, you may want to swap out the idea of a gift registry for a honeymoon registry instead. There are several great websites online that offer honeymoon registry services where you simply create an account. Then, you choose a vacation package and your guests can contribute to your honeymoon vacation. However, your friends and family may not contribute enough to pay for the entire trip. But, you can usually gouge a huge chunk out of the cost and pay the remaining balance yourself.

Start Saving and Plan your Cheap Honeymoon In Advance

Image of a Couple on a HoneymoonWhile it may seem obvious, saving as far out in advance can really help make things less stressful and more practical. Even your pocket change can add up quickly if you set it aside! Though small, it can really go a long way to help pay for your cheap honeymoon. Additionally, you can opt to set aside money for your fund rather than buy or receive presents for holidays and birthdays. Consider skipping that new sweater you’ve had your eye on for Christmas; that $40 could go a long way in your jar. You may need to make some sacrifices and really be diligent about saving to be successful. However, it will all be worth it when you are able to pull off the best cheap honeymoon ever.

Utilize Deals and Travel Sites When You Plan a Cheap Honeymoon

There are plenty of great was to save money when booking a trip online. Your best options include coupons and group pricing discounts. Travel sites will typically have specials if you book in advance. Additionally, they have last minute deals to dozens of great travel destinations perfectly suited for a cheap honeymoon experience. Group rate websites such as Groupon are also and excellent way to save money on your trip. Make sure your signup for an account and keep your eyes out for hot deals. It can be a great way to save while you plan a cheap honeymoon.

Use Your Resources and Friends

No matter how much planning and preparation you put into your cheap honeymoon, you still may find yourself coming up a little short to make it a reality. After all, it’s never easy to plan the perfect simple wedding or honeymoon on a budget. However, there are usually some resources left undetected that you have had right under your nose the entire time. I’ll never forget when I found out my best friend’s grandfather had a vacation property in Hawaii; just months after we returned from our honeymoon! Had we known about it in advance and utilized our friends, we could have saved thousands versus the expensive hotel we paid for in Waikiki. Obviously, not everyone will have an option like this available to them. However, it never hurts to ask around and see what your friends may have to offer for little or no cost.

As you can see, it just takes a little effort to find great savings. You will need to be creative, but you can find inexpensive ways to accomplish almost anything. Just try to trim the fat and be frugal if you want to successfully plan a cheap honeymoon.