Making your own wedding invitations versus paying for a company to print them for you is a really great way to save money on your wedding. However, most couples have never mad wedding invitations before. So, the process can be daunting to any do-it-yourselfer. That is why I have taken the time to write this tutorial on how to make your own wedding invitations. If you follow these 4 simple steps, you can create stunning invites for pennies. Let’s get started.

Step 1: Think of the Details

Your wedding invitations will be the first impression that your potential guests receive. So, it’s crucial to think about the little details before you dive right in. You’ll need to gather certain information about your wedding such as location, time, and if it’s going to be a casual or formal affair. You will also want to have your guest list in order before you begin. Knowing the size will help with purchasing the right amount of supplies to make your own wedding invitations.

Additionally, most people include an RSVP card in their envelopes as well. You can also add small accents like wooden rose petals or even confetti inside. Lastly, don’t forget to ask if they have dietary concerns! It’s very awkward serving pasta to a gluten intolerant guest, or a steak to a vegan. Safe yourself some face; make sure you know who can eat what before it’s too late.

Step 2: Design Your Layout

IMage of Wooden Flower Petals Used on Wedding InvitationsThe next step to tackle is designing the layout of your invites. Technically, there’s no wrong design as long as it contains all the important details. However, there are certainly some important key factors that can make any document easier to read. Here are 4 important tips to keep in mind as you experiment.

  1. Are my invitations easy to read?
  2. Are the images I chose representative of the style of wedding I’m having?
  3. What size are my wedding invitation going to be?
  4. Am I going to fold my invitations?

By answering each of these questions, you’ll almost certainly have a nice looking design in the end. Obviously, some of these “rules” can be bent for stylized invitations. However, these are pretty standard guidelines to make it easy for the recipients.

Step 3: Print and Decorate Your Wedding Invitations

Once you have your layout designed and all the important information included, you’ll want to print them out and add some type of special touch to your wedding invitations. This can be as simple as tying them with some thin strips of ribbon. Conversely, it can be as labor-intensive as adhesive glitter or stickers. Some people even add a small trinket like a sparkler. Personally, I think heart sparklers are the best for this job. However, decorations are completely a matter of taste; but try to keep in mind the amount of work you will need to put into each invitation as you decide what to include! If you’re sending out 300 invites, you probably don’t want to invest 10 minutes into each one.

Additionally, I always suggest going to a print shop for the final copies. Some people are fortunate enough to have a commercial-grade printer at home. If so, then you can certainly just use that to save even more money. However, for the rest of us, it’s hard to get pro quality results from a cheap inkjet printer. If care about the final product, use great paper and a great printer.

Step 4: Address and Mail Your Wedding Invitations

Now that you have your completed wedding invitations in hand, you’ll want to address them and mail them out. Completing this process by hand can take forever! So, I recommend some type of computer template for addressing your envelopes. Additionally, bring a completed invite to the post office and have them weigh it. You may be able to use cheaper postage if they are small and light.

It’s also important to remember to put postage on your RSVP cards! That way, people are more inclined to send them back to you; even if they aren’t attending. The whole point of sending out wedding invitations is to get an accurate count of how many guests will be showing up. That way, you can make sure there’s enough food and champagne for everyone. If people skip mailing back their RSVPs, you are basically guessing and hoping for the best.

Hopefully, the tips in this tutorial have helped to explain how to make your own wedding invitations. There’s really no wrong way to go as long as you include the proper information. In fact, you can even go with eco-freindly invitations! However, taking your time and thinking about the whole process before you begin can save you time, money, and stress. Whether you’re adding something like sparklers into your envelopes or keeping it simple, these principles should guide you towards success. Good luck!