There are several reasons that couples choose fall for their weddings date including weather and lack of demand. Though winter is the least popular time to host such an event, fall is not far behind. Most people prefer either spring or summer, but fall has a lot to offer as well. And, since you get to harness nature’s beauty, fall sparkler centerpieces are a great way to complete your theme.

One of the best things about wedding sparklers is that they can be used safely indoors. However, most people have their fall celebrations outdoors. Luckily, that means you have many more options to help you create the perfect design! I’ll discuss the key factors that play a role in the perfect creations. Additionally, I’ll guide you through some tips to keep in mind for fall weddings in general. Let’s get started.

Top 3 Reasons to Have a Fall Wedding

Image of a Couple at a Fall Wedding Walking Through LeavesTo begin, it’s important to understand the benefits of this time of year for your event. In order to properly design fall sparkler centerpieces, you need to capture the essence of the season. Here is a breakdown of what makes autumn the ideal time for simple decorations like these.

Colorful Plants and Leaves for a Natural Theme

Autumn is a time for chance throughout our entire ecosystem. Most notably, you’ll see several vibrant colors scattered throughout the trees. As cooler weather moves in, the pigments in almost all plant life will change to spectacular eye candy! So, all your really need are some simple decorations to enhance it a bit for humans. This is a huge benefit, and it will save you a lot of money during the planning stages.

Cooler Temperatures are Ideal for Outdoor Events

One of the worst feelings you can imagine is being stuck in warm clothes on a hot day. If you were to have your celebration in the summer, a black tuxedo is a death trap! Fortunately, the cooler temperatures of fall are perfect for a thick suit and long dress without overheating. Additionally, the temperatures are warm enough so you won’t get chilly, either. When you take a close look at weather’s role in a wedding, autumn is my personal favorite pick.

Less Demand on Venues – Save Money and Enjoy More Options

Lastly, all is the perfect choice for people that want to save money. Prices on venue rentals typically drop drastically around mid-September. Additionally, availability is much easier to come by because demand is so low. That means you will have your pick of the litter while also saving cash. If that isn’t incentive, I don’t know what is!

How to Design and Build Fall Sparkler Centerpieces

Now that you understand the season better, it’s time to design your fall sparkler centerpieces. I always like to add elements from nature in my design, and it’s super easy in the autumn! I suggest you checkout our centerpiece inspiration section to get even more ideas before you begin. However, here’s an abridged version that is targeted specifically towards the fall season.

Choose Between a Vase and a Bucket

Image of an 11” Chalkboard Sparkler Display BucketThe most obvious and important element to your centerpiece build will be the vessel. There are several options available, but most people choose either a vase or a bucket. Ultimately, the right choice will depend on the look you are trying to achieve. Personally, I like metal chalkboard buckets because you can personalize them with a fun message. Whichever you choose, this decision will serve as the backbone of your design; so take a moment to really weigh your options out carefully.

Decide Which Sparklers to Use

Next, you’ll need to decide which sparklers to add to your centerpieces. Typically, I always suggest gold sparklers for weddings because they are smokeless and can be used indoors. Fortunately, since most fall parties take place outdoors, you can choose pretty much any type you like! However, I would still avoid choosing a version that is overly-long so they fit into your buckets or vases easier. Additionally, they’ll keep falling out onto the table during your reception!

Pick Some Accessories to Complete the Look

Most people know that a proper arrangement also means adding a few other accessories to complete the look. There are several popular ideas including candy, glass beads, or wood roses to add depth and dimension. However, there are also free items all over the place that you can use instead! For instance, consider finding some nice colored leaves to place around each one. Similarly, you can use small twigs or pinecones to create the same effect. By adding some accessories to your fall sparkler centerpieces, you can create a statement piece that is incredibly inexpensive.

Assemble Them Ahead of Time

Lastly, you need to create a single “prototype” so you have an easy roadmap to follow. One you’ve built the first one, you can easily replicate it very quickly. Make sure you build them all ahead of time to save work during the setup of your reception. Ideally, you can just put them in boxes to transport them to your venue. Then, all you need to do is put them on the tables when you arrive. Keep the boxes, though; they will help you when you need to transport them back to your house when it’s all over!

Using Fall Sparkler Centerpieces as the Core of your Wedding Theme

Usually, people try to adapt all of their decorations to match a specific wedding theme. If you are having yours outside, you can easily just match the nature surrounding you. However, this season allows you to ramp things up even more by embracing your fall sparkler centerpieces as your main attraction! Consider using large buckets or vases that really stand out on your tables. Then, add leaves, twigs, and pine cones in large piles around the vessels. If you build them larger than your other table decorations, they will easily become the star of the show. Remember, you already have all the natural beauty you could ever want all around you!

Hopefully, you’ve found my guide to making sparkler centerpieces for fall weddings informative and helpful. If you remember to put nature first, autumn can provide a plethora of great ideas to guide you! If you need more ideas, check out our sparkler photo galleries for inspiration to give you more details on specific designs. I hope you enjoy your fall celebration and good luck on all your planning tasks!