A lot of people use sky lanterns as part of their wedding in a variety of different ways. They can be a great addition to any ceremony, and provide a fun activity for your guests. However, the most important part of using our products is lighting them the right way! We’ve answered a lot of common questions about sky lanterns, but there’s no topic worth digging into more than the lighting process. Here are the steps on how to light a sky lantern properly along with tips to make it go smoothly. Here’s what you need to know.

Step 1 – Find a Partner

Image of Sparkler Torch Lighters on a TableThe first step that needs to be accomplished is pairing up with a partner. Though possible to do alone, it’s so much easier to get the task done with an extra set of hands! At a wedding, you would just pair up couples. However, it can more difficult for other types of occasions where they’re used. Nevertheless, once you’ve found a partner, you can move onto the next step safely.

Step 2 – Prepare Your Sky Lantern

With your partner, start opening up your sky lanterns. With our products, it’s a thin plastic package with a cardboard insert. Fortunately, most other brands are also packaged in the same way. Next, you need to open up the item. Since they are made from rice paper and bamboo, they are somewhat fragile and caution should be used. However, it should open up fairly easily.

Make sure to “scoop” some air into the main chamber so there is something for the fuel cell to heat. There’s no sense in learning how to light a sky lantern if it’s not even setup properly! Once you have it opened u and in the correct general shape, you can process to the lighting process outlined below.

Step 3 – Choose the Right Type of Lighter

Now that you have everything ready to go, you need to choose your ignition source. Whenever you are lighting an item, you want to make sure you have enough heat and flame to do it quickly. Fortunately, we have butane torch lighters that are the best way to light your sky lanterns! Instead of fumbling around with traditional lighters, matches, or cumbersome propane torches, these mighty lighters do the job quickly and easily. Best of all, they are extremely affordable; so you won’t have to worry about blowing your wedding budget.

Step 4 – How to Light a Sky Lantern Fuel Cell

Image of People Releasing a Lit Sky LanternWith the proper lighter in hand and an extra set of hands to help, you’re ready to go. First, have your partner hold the top of the lanterns and one edge of the bottom ring to make things easy. Next, use one hand to hold the other side of the ring and your other hand operating the torch lighter. Apply the flame directly to one corner of the square fuel cell. Once ignited, move to the opposite corner until the entire fuel cell is engulfed in flames. As the cell creates heat, you should feel the warm air be captured in the main chamber like a hot air balloon. You’re almost ready to fly!

Step 5 – Release Your Lantern and Enjoy!

Once you have a lit sly lantern and you can feel the “tug” from the hot air, you can let it go. Please make sure to check your state fireworks laws before releasing the so you don’t get in trouble. Several states prohibit when, where, or if you can release them at all under their regulations. In fact, some states only allow white sky lanterns and outlaw color versions completely! Though it can be challenging, stay the course and you’ll have the wedding experience of your lifetime!

Final Thoughts on How to Light a Sky Lantern in the Correct Way

Overall, learning how to light a sky lantern in the correct way can be the difference between fun and terror. Any time you light a firework, it can be a tragedy waiting to happen. Fortunately, we adhere to all the strictest safety standards to enjoy a safe experience. Whether you’re performing a sky lantern wedding exit or doing something less extravagant, knowing the proper procedures is crucial. Hopefully, this post gave you all the information you need. Good luck and thanks for reading!