High Quality Wedding Sparklers ImageWedding sparklers are one of the most versatile items that you can include in your wedding. In a matter of seconds, some high quality wedding sparklers can instantly transform your ordinary wedding celebration into a magical wonderland for you and your guests. On top of that, when you stack their cost against the cost of other items that are found at weddings these days, I think you’ll agree that they are one of the least expensive ways to jazz things up.

Before you buy wedding sparklers from us or another online company, there are a few things you should consider so your experience is as dazzling as your wedding will be.

Should I Use Sparklers at My Wedding?

Before you order sparklers, you should always make sure they will work at your wedding. Here are some things you should ask yourself before placing an order.

Is it a Day or Evening Wedding?

As you may have guessed, sparklers are originally designed to be a nighttime item. Though we are proud to offer the brightest high quality wedding sparklers you can get, they still appear a bit lackluster if the sun is shining brightly during the day. If you can use them outdoors under a beautiful night sky, you will surely have an amazing experience with your wedding sparklers.

Are Wedding Sparklers Legal?

We are often asked if it is legal to use wedding sparklers in a particular state, and the answer varies depending on where you live. You should check your state’s fireworks laws to see if sparklers are legal at in your state before you make a purchase.

Will My Venue Allow Sparklers?

Each wedding venue will have its own set of rules listed in the rental agreement. Make sure you review your contract and ask the venue manager to ensure you can use sparklers for your wedding.

What Type of Sparklers Should I Buy?

As you’ve probably already noticed while browsing through our wedding sparklers catalog, we offer many different wedding sparkler options. Though we only offer our customers high quality wedding sparklers, here are a few things to consider so you can choose which wedding sparklers will be right for your needs.

Send-Off Line

If you plan to use your sparklers for a send-off line or grand exit, we recommend our #36 steel wire sparklers because they will last the longest and allow your guests to get the sparkles high up in the air and away from your dress.

Wedding Photos

If you want to use your sparklers in wedding photos, you can go with our most popular option; the #20 steel wire sparklers. They are less expensive than the #36 sparklers, are more maneuverable in the air, and last plenty of time for you to capture the photos that you want.


Using sparklers in your centerpieces is mainly for aesthetics and to give your guests something to do during the wedding, so they don’t need to last very long. We suggest choosing our cheapest and shortest option; the #10 steel wire sparklers. They will look great, offer loads of fun to your guests, and won’t take a bite out of your wallet.

How Many Should I Buy?

Buying the correct number of wedding sparklers is very important. You don’t want to buy way too many and waste money, but it would be even worse to have guests who didn’t get a sparkler. As long as you’re buying our high quality wedding sparklers, here’s a simple way to calculate how many you need depending on the size you’re purchasing.

#10 Wedding Sparklers

If you’re using them for centerpieces and wedding favors, you only need 1-2 sparklers per guest. If you’re using them for pictures or a send-off line, you’ll need 3-5 wedding sparklers per guest.

#20 Wedding Sparklers

If you’re using them for wedding photos, you only need 1-2 per guest. If you’re using them for a send-off line, you’ll need 2-3 per guest.

#36 Wedding Sparklers

Because of their insanely long burn time of around 4 minutes, you only need one #36 wedding sparkler per guest regardless of their purpose. These are by far our longest-lasting high quality wedding sparklers that we offer.

Quality Matters – Buy High Quality Wedding Sparklers Only

One of the most important things to note is that the quality of your wedding sparklers will determine how long they last and how brightly they burn. Here at Wedding Day Sparklers, we offer very high quality wedding sparklers; the very best on the market. They are double-dipped to ensure an even burn that is bright and long-lasting, and we stand behind every purchase with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Don’t let the competition fool you into buying generic sparklers crammed in a different package, our wedding sparklers are the real deal!

Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of questions about our products, and over time we’ve found a few that come up more than others. Here are a few common questions that should help you out.

Q. Can Sparklers be Used Indoors?

A. Yes, our wedding sparklers can be used indoors. Our sparklers put off very little smoke and create virtually no ash, so you can use them indoors provided there is at least a small amount of ventilation.

Q. What is the Best Sized Sparkler for a Wedding?

A. My knee-jerk reaction would be to tell you our #36 sparklers, but each size has its own purpose. If you know how you want to use them, it should be pretty easy to determine which size of our high quality wedding sparklers is right for your needs.

Q. Do You Sell Silver Sparklers?

A. No, silver sparklers are not legal to sell in the United State. Unfortunately, the chemicals that make them burn silver can also be used in explosives so they are not available to the general public.

Q. Can I Paint my Sparklers?

A. Yes, you can use regular spray paint to make them any color you wish to match your other wedding decorations provided that they are high quality wedding sparklers that burn evenly.

Q. Can I Put Sparklers on My Wedding Cake?

A. You can put a few wedding sparklers into your cake safely, but we recommend using our wedding cake sparklers which are actually designed for this very purpose.

Q. Can I Order High Quality Wedding Sparklers Online?

A. Yes! Sparklers are considered a novelty item and can be shipped anywhere in the US via ground shipping. They cannot be shipped via air because of restrictions, so make sure you order ahead of time to receive your sparklers in time for your wedding.

Q. How Long Will My Sparklers Stay Good?

A. High quality wedding sparklers, if stored properly, can stay good for many years. Here is some more information about properly storing your sparklers.