It’s a very common problem among pet owners; having a dog that is afraid of fireworks. It happens when the season comes around and your neighbors start shooting off fireworks in their backyard; your dog gets scared and starts to bark or whine relentlessly. It’s natural to feel sorry for the dog or wish you could get the barking to stop. However, it is important to realize that you’re not alone. Helping dogs that are afraid of sparklers is something that many people face. And finding a solution may seem like an impossible task if you don’t have previous experience.

Why are Dogs Afraid of Fireworks?

Most commonly, dogs will be afraid of the sound that is accompanied by fireworks. For the same reason that many dogs react negatively to thunderstorms, loud sounds that the dog doesn’t understand can be frightening and intimidating. Couple that with the bright flashes of exploding fireworks or flashes of lightning and you have a recipe for one scary event.

Additionally, there is another type of fear that dogs can form over the years of bright objects. This means that even quiet fireworks such as sparklers would cause these dogs to bark or become agitated which can lead to other issues down the line. Since there isn’t any sound associated with sparklers while they burn, the fear is completely visual and usually easier to cure. However, it is still a long process and will usually take a few weeks to see genuine results that last.

How to Start Helping Dogs that are Afraid of Sparklers

Dog Afraid of SparklersFirst, you’ll want to get some video of sparklers burning that you can play on the television in your living room. There are all sorts of great videos on YouTube that should do the trick. With your dog’s favorite treats in hand, you’ll want to make sure your pet is comfortable and ready to go; then turn on the video. As the video plays, praise your pet for being good and reward them with treats. This makes a positive experience for them while they are seeing the burning sparklers. Over time, eventually they will associate them with something positive.

After you’ve successfully used the video technique for a few weeks, you can move on to the real thing. I usually recommend starting with sparklers during the day because they are less intimidating to dogs. It’s also good to use something simple like heart sparklers before trying a more exciting version. Once they’re warmed up, you can gradually work later and later in the day with the sparklers until you’re able to do them at night. As I stated before, don’t expect to be using sparklers freely in the next few days; this process will take a while to complete.

Why It Matters

There’s a number of reasons that helping your dog get over their fear of fireworks like sparklers is important. Perhaps you want to order wedding sparklers online and want your dog as part of the ceremony. Perhaps you just have sympathy for your furry friend. Either way, helping dogs that are afraid of sparklers is important to everyone.

Hopefully, with enough time and patience, helping dogs that are afraid of sparklers is something you’ll be able to do. Just remember that you need to praise the dog repeatedly and make it a positive experience. By using their favorite treats, you should be able to start making progress in no time.