Heart Shaped Sparklers for Weddings


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Our heart shaped sparklers for weddings are the perfect choice for couples who want to combine the romantic shape of hearts with sparklers at their wedding.

  • Our most romantically shaped option.
  • Sparkles in the color gold.
  • Lasts for approximately 1 1/2 minutes each.
  • Steel wire construction for a smokeless wedding sparkler.
  • We suggest one or two heart sparklers per guest.


Besides just being super cool, heart shaped sparklers for weddings make spectacular centerpieces on your guests’ dining tables! While only being 12” long, they have the perfect look for your wedding decorations whether they’re lit or unlit.

Heart shaped wedding sparklers are different from traditional “stick” type versions because they can be lit to go around the heart in one continuous line of sparkle, or you can light them at the bottom center point and have them sparkle around both sides at the same time; with both sparkles coming together at the end. Our heart shaped wedding sparklers are steel wire, so they are smokeless.

How Many Do I Need?

The burn time for each heart shaped sparkler is approximately 1 1/2 minutes. For weddings with over 100 people, plan on having 1-2 sparklers per guest so there is plenty of sparkler action.

Why Choose Our Heart Shaped Sparklers?

Heart shaped sparklers are by far the most romantic option that we sell. Hearts glorify the idea of love in such a way that makes them perfect for weddings. We source all of our premium quality wedding sparklers from the finest manufacturers. You will never receive sub-par items from our store; only high quality products to make your wedding amazing. Our commitment to quality products and low prices make us the best place to buy heart shaped sparklers for weddings.

Benefits of Heart Shaped Sparklers for Weddings

  • Romantic heart shapes are ideal for weddings.
  • Sparkles in two directions at once for a unique effect.
  • Look fantastic in photos; especially group photos.
  • Same high quality materials as all of our other products.
  • Affordably priced.
  • Easy enough to handle for your younger guests to participate.

Best Uses for Heart Sparklers

Since heart shaped wedding sparklers are so romantic in appearance, they can be used for all sorts of activities and decorations at your celebration! Here are a few of the most popular ways to use them at your ceremony or reception.

Lovely Centerpieces

Create beautiful heart-themed centerpieces by adding a few of them to your centerpieces. Add other heart shaped items like chocolate candies and confetti to make a romantic centerpiece for your reception. Your guests will love them, and they won’t be too expensive!

Send-Off Lines

These are awesome for send-off lines! Lasting a minute and a half, just like our 20 inch wedding sparklers, allows for plenty of setup and execution time for weddings of around 100 people. Their romantic shape will make your send-off truly memorable!

Memorable Photos

Heart shaped sparklers are the perfect prop for your wedding pictures! Nothing adds charm as quickly as a few hearts sparkling in the foreground. They look especially amazing if you have multiple people holding a few at the same time.

Cake Decorations

Though not specifically designed as a decoration like our wedding cake sparklers, some couples place two heart shaped sparklers on their wedding cake. They can add a bit of dazzle to your cake while sticking to the theme of love.

Wedding Favors

Giving your guests heart sparklers as a wedding favor is another fun idea. You can place them at each seat, mix them into your centerpieces, or display them at the guestbook table. Your guests will find no shortage of fun uses for them during your reception!

First Dance

Having select guests hold lit heart shaped wedding sparklers during your first dance can be a majestic and dazzling experience. You will feel and see the love as you share your first dance as a married couple. It will make for amazing photos and cherished memories during your wedding.

These are a fantastic alternative to traditional versions! If you really want to emphasize a love theme during your big day, choosing to use sparklers shaped like hearts is an easy and affordable option. When you compare these to the other options available, you’ll see that there’s simply no substitute.


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34 reviews for Heart Shaped Sparklers for Weddings

  1. Daryn F.

    What a cool idea to have heart shaped sparklers!

  2. Moira January

    Hearts. So cool!

  3. Denise S.

    My husband surprised me with heart sparklers for our rehearsal dinner. My only regret is we didn’t buy more for the reception. Cool product!

  4. Charlie H.

    I proposed on Valentine’s Day and had my buddies hold these behind me. Easy to light and she said YES!

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