The notion of using heart shaped sparklers in wedding photos is very common. After all, hearts are the most recognizable symbol of love on the planet! Keeping everything under the theme of “romantic” is always desirable when planning your special day, so it’s a popular shape to choose. Though they are a great option, there are times when they are the best choice and other times when a different option would be more suitable. Here is what you need to know to make an informed decision that will enhance your celebration and your photos.

When to Use Heart Shaped Sparklers in Wedding Photos

There are many great moments at a wedding where sparklers can enhance your photos. Sparkler photos can be some of the most memorable in your scrapbook, so getting it just right is very important. Here are a few scenarios where heart sparklers are the ideal choice and why.

Bride and Groom

Bride and Groom Photos imageThere will be no shortage of photos of the bride and groom from your wedding day, but some will stand out more than others. One cute idea is to have the bride and groom pose together holding a single heart shaped wedding sparkler. Each person places one hand on the item symbolizing their union. The glowing heart will really enhance the photo, and the emotion will be evident for decades to come. It’s particularly fun when you have a cool backdrop to highlight the whole scene!

Bridal Party

Similarly, having your entire bridal party hold heart shaped sparklers in wedding photos can be a great scrapbook addition! You can have both the groomsmen and bridesmaids in a single photo or you can break each side into two groups. It can be a fun way to commemorate the people you choose to stand beside you on your big day, and the audience will love the entire spectacle.

Candid Photos

Candid photos are a great time to use wedding sparklers, particularly ones shaped like hearts! Imagine various couples candidly caught on film being romantic while highlighting it with a sparkler shaped like a heart. It can be a fun activity for your guests, but the photographer will love it as well.

When to Avoid Using Heart Shaped Sparklers in Wedding Photos

Conversely, there are certain times when using heart shaped sparklers in wedding photos can be a poor choice. Don’t get me wrong, they can still enhance your pictures, but other types of sparklers will likely be a better fit for certain activities. Here are a few examples to help you choose what is best for your big day.

Cake Toppers

Many couples use candles, sparklers, or other items to accent their cake topper. While there are certain products made specifically for this purpose, using heart shaped sparklers can be a poor choice. First off, it could ruin your frosting by discoloring it or even scorching it. Also, though non-toxic, it can make your cake taste yucky. Lastly, the way they perform doesn’t translate well to photos. The exception to this is daytime wedding cake photos which will look great no matter what. However, overall, they are not the greatest choice to enhance your cake topper.

Send-Off Lines

Photographing the send-off line is one of the most popular times to include sparklers during a wedding. Photographers love exciting shots in their portfolio, and this is a great way to do it. However, using heart shaped sparklers in wedding photos of your send-off line can yield less than desirable results.

Unfortunately, the way they perform makes it difficult to see the shape unless you have a little light or you are very close. Traditional “stick” type sparklers are a much better option because of their design, price, and performance. They make for the best wedding exit sparklers by far. Though many couples still use them in their send-offs, it is not their ideal setting.

Group Photos

Group photos where all the participants are holding lit sparklers can be a great addition to the scrapbook. However, similar to send-off lines, they are not the ideal shape for a group setting. They are much better suited for candid and close-up shots as we discussed earlier in this piece. Once again, traditional “stick” type sparklers are the best option for this type of activity.

Writing Shapes and Numbers

Writing in Photos with Wedding Sparklers imageOne of the coolest ways to enhance your photos is to write shapes or numbers using wedding sparklers in the air for an exciting and dramatic effect! You can create anything from stars and numbers to wild lighting effects that are hard to believe. All it takes is the right camera settings, the right sparklers, and the right movements to get unforgettable pictures!

However, this activity requires precise control and consistent lighting; something that these simply cannot provide. Once again, the “stick” type versions are much better suited; particularly the 20 inch variety. They are easier to maneuver, provide brighter light, and are much less expensive. Overall, using heart shaped sparklers in wedding photos of this type is not an ideal option.

Are Heart Shaped Sparklers Right for Our Wedding?

Down to brass tacks: art they right for your wedding? Unfortunately, only you and your partner can decide which option is right for you. If you are looking to replicate the most popular effects on the internet, you need to choose a traditional version. However, if you’re planning a daytime wedding reception or you only want close-ups, then using heart shaped sparklers in wedding photos is a perfect choice. They are much more elegant and are perfect for several uses, but sometimes a traditional version is simply a better choice. Best wishes and I hope you have a fantastic wedding day!