Heart Shaped Sparklers for Weddings

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One of the newest and most exciting types of sparklers for weddings, heart shaped sparklers are specifically designed to enhance any wedding or romantic occasion. Every detail was taken into consideration including the custom designed packaging that was developed to bring out the special details of even the most elegant affairs. Also, since they are shaped like a heart, the sparklers themselves can be a great addition to your wedding décor or wedding favors for your guests.

Benefits of Heart Shaped Wedding Sparklers

Since they can be displayed or handed out as wedding favors, there are many great benefits to using heart shaped sparklers at your wedding. They can be used for sendoff lines, to form passageways, or “sparkling tunnels” in the same way you would use traditional sparklers; as the bride and groom either enter or exit the wedding venue. Their fancy shape and elegant design have made these just as popular as our regular wedding sparklers. Also, heart shaped sparklers for weddings are different from traditional “stick” type sparklers because they can be lit to go around the heart in one continuous line of sparkle, OR you can light them at the bottom center point and have them sparkle around both sides at the same time, with both sparkles coming together at the end.

Where to Buy Heart Shaped Sparklers


The burn time for each heart shaped wedding sparkler is approximately 1 1/2 minutes, so we suggest one or two sparklers per guest, depending on your intended use. Our heart shaped wedding sparklers are steel wire, so they are smokeless.

  6 Sleeves (36 Sparklers) Full Case (216 Sparklers)
  Price: $32.00 Price: $170.00

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