Simply pout,Weddings are a romantic celebration where everything focuses on love. Joining two people together forever is not to be taken lightly. However, it is mainly a time to reflect and celebrate their love. Using heart shaped sparklers at a wedding can be a great way to highlight their romance when used correctly.

However, there are also some drawbacks to using heart shaped sparklers at a wedding. Though their shape screams “love”, their design may not be right for all applications. Here are some of their best uses at weddings, as well as a few applications that should be avoided.

When to Use Heart Shaped Sparklers at a Wedding

Most people are only interested in finding ideas for their wedding. In that spirit, here are the best uses for these at your celebration to provide some inspiration.

Wedding Favors

Sparklers are commonly used as wedding favors, and heart shaped ones are no exception. They are a fun and interactive gift your guests will adore! Here are a few specific ways to use them as wedding favors during your celebration.

  • Place one at each seat. You can decorate them using a sparkler card.
  • Place them in a bucket at your guestbook table. Just put a little sign explaining what they are for to avoid confusion.
  • Consider only giving them to married couples. It can be fun to reward couples who have lasted in their marriage! Of course, you’ll need to choose a unique wedding favor for your other guests.


Centerpieces are another simple way to incorporate heart shaped sparklers at a wedding. Best of all, they will already be at every table, so it’s convenient! Here are a few fun centerpiece ideas that incorporate these lovely gems.

  • Mix them in with your floral centerpieces. They make an attractive addition, and they make the centerpiece more purposeful.
  • Place a single sparkler in a jar of candy. Candy is a great centerpiece treat, and the sparklers will make them blend into your overall theme of “love”.
  • Create bouquets of heart sparklers in their own vases. First off, they will look amazing. But they will also serve a great purpose that your guests will simply love!

Heart Shaped Sparklers at a Wedding imageCandid Photos

This style of sparkler shows up best when the focus is on a single one alone. Since they sparkle down both sides, they show up best in photos when they are the main course. Therefore, they work best for candid photos. Here are a few examples to get your inspiration juices flowing.

  • Take a photo of the newlyweds kissing while holding one together.
  • Have all the bridesmaids together, each holding one for a memorable group wedding photo.
  • With some trial and error, you can hold one close to your camera lens. Have couples kiss for the camera at the reception with the action contained within the heart shape. It makes for a cool photo if you get everything right!

During the Big Kiss

Of course, you can use heart shaped sparklers at a wedding during the ceremony, too! Your best bet is to feature them in pictures during the “big kiss”. Have your bridal party hold them up in the background for a fun backdrop. Optionally, the bride and groom can hold one together while they kiss. Be careful, though, they can sometimes steal the scene!

Cake Topper

Heart shaped wedding sparklers can also be used as a cake topper. Usually, they are used to enhance a traditional cake topper before the cake-cutting ceremony. However, they can certainly be used as a standalone topper if that’s your style. Just be sure to keep the part that sparkles as far away from your frosting as possible. Though non-toxic, you don’t want to ruin the flavor of your wedding cake!

When to Avoid Using Heart Shaped Sparklers at a Wedding

On the flipside, there are certainly times when you want to avoid using heart shaped sparklers at a wedding. There are many reasons for this, but it’s essentially due to them being a specialty item. Most regular sparklers for weddings execute in a straight line. Since the heart versions execute down both sides simultaneously, it creates a unique situation. Here are a few times to avoid them and why.

Wedding Sparkler Send-Off Line imageSend-Off Lines

Send-off lines are definitely not an ideal use for heart shaped wedding sparklers. They don’t last long enough for large groups, and they don’t photograph well from long distances. However, if you have a very small wedding, you can perhaps make it work. It all depends on how important the heart shape is to you.

Writing in Photos

Many couples like to write shapes with their wedding sparklers. These don’t work well at all for this because of how they execute and their overall shape. First, they are cumbersome to maneuver in the air. Second, they create chaos with two points of light. In the end, you’re better off with a stick-type version for these purposes instead.

Using Many at Once Indoors

Though they are considered “smokeless sparklers”, what that really means is that they are “low smoke”. Since there’s ignition, obviously trace amounts of smoke must be created. Unfortunately, since they sparkle in two places, this is effectively doubled. Though it would take a lot of heart shaped sparklers, it does increase the risk of noticeable smoke when used indoors at weddings.

Are They the Right Choice for You?

Let’s face it; there are a lot of great options out there for sparklers at a wedding. Knowing whether shape, color, or performance will benefit your event can be tricky. Where using heart shaped sparklers at a wedding really shines is in candid and small settings. If you plan to only use a few at a time, they will work perfectly. If you want 150 of them going at once, then they aren’t so great. It all depends on your needs and what matters most at your celebration.

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