When you are planning your reception, it’s a lot of fun to find small items that will make a big splash for your guests. Without a doubt, the most cost-effective item you can choose is sparklers. Whether you want to use them for your sendoff line or just plan to hand them out as favors, they are extremely inexpensive and tons of fun. Though there are many shapes and sizes available, most couples find themselves deciding between heart and star sparklers for their event. But which one is the better choice? To help, I’ve put together this guide to that compares the two options directly. Here’s what you need to know.

Benefits of Heart Sparklers for Weddings

Image of Heart Shaped Wedding SparklersOn the surface, hearts would seem to be the obvious choice for an event such as a wedding. However, it’s important to take a closer look before you make a decision you end up regretting. Here are some of the key benefits of choosing heart shaped sparklers for your event so you can make an informed choice.

Romantic Shape

Let’s face it; hearts are literally the most romantic shape out there. Whether it’s printed on some napkins or the shape of your confetti, they represent love in the purest tradition. In fact, you can even get diamonds and gemstones in the shape of hearts for your rings! Appearance should never be the top factor when choosing your sparklers. However, since they are the same high quality build as the alternatives, they are a great option for anyone who cares about visual presentation.

Smokeless Design

Smoke is one of the biggest risk factors when using our products indoors. Sadly, a lot of people choose colorful options that match their wedding décor. However, color versions will create a lot of smoke and can present serious health risks in poorly ventilated areas. Fortunately, since they perform in the color gold, our heart sparklers are completely smokeless and safe for indoor use.

Look Fantastic in Centerpieces

Presentation is a critical factor for your centerpieces. No matter what type of sparklers you plan to use at your celebration, they need to blend well with the other items you’ll be including. Heart shaped sparklers are a great fit in any design whether you are using candy, flowers, or another common accessory. By simply placing a few hearts in each centerpiece, you can convey romance and make distribution as easy as possible.

Benefits of Star Sparklers for Weddings

Image of Star Shaped Sparklers for WeddingsStars may not seem super romantic at first, but they actually can hold a lot of symbolism if presented correctly. However, before you decide to “shoot for the stars” and make a purchase, you need to weigh the facts carefully. Here is a breakdown of what makes star shaped sparklers a good fit at a wedding.

Stars Can Symbolize Love

Hearts may be the more obvious shape for romance, but stars can convey a meaning just as powerful. Imagine telling someone that they are your “shining star” on your big day. Or, perhaps you want to convey that they are the “star of your world”. Whatever poetic message you are interested in sharing; star shaped sparklers can be a great option to do the job elegantly.

Unique “Double-Directional” Performance

Another distinguishing factor that makes star sparklers so desirable is that the performance itself is different from other versions on the market. Normal “stick” versions simply burn in a straight line until their conclusion. However, star versions will burn in two directions at once until the sparks meet at the same spot. This means each one is like having two going at once! Sadly, this also means that they only last half as long as you’d expect; but the exciting performance certainly makes it worth it!

Smoke-Free Sparks

As I mentioned previously, smoke is a huge problem when using sparklers indoors at most types of events; especially weddings! Fortunately, our star sparklers are virtually smokeless because they contain no color pigments and are made with a steel wire handle. Of course, that means the sparks will be the color gold which blends well with almost any color palette. Not only will you eliminate the smoke issue, but the performance will match the joy of your day beautifully.

Should I Choose Heart or Star Sparklers for My Event?

Now that you’ve compared the two side-by-side, you should have a better feel for what you’re about to purchase. Ultimately, they are the same thing in a different shape. So, all you need to do is decide which message you would rather convey to your partner. For hearts, you are showing “love” and “romance”. For stars, you are stating how important that person is in your life. If you follow that rationale, choosing between heart or star sparklers should be an easy task. Remember, the words you say at your wedding can make a huge impact. However, demonstrating it with a small item like sparklers can really make an impact, too.

Are Either Option the Best Fit?

At the end of the day, shaped versions like hearts or stars are just one way to go. Overall, they only make up about 15% of all the various types used at this type of occasion. There are many types of sparklers available for weddings, and each of them has their own benefits and drawbacks. Personally, I prefer heart sparklers more than any other type because they are simple and perfectly suited for the task. But, as I said, only you can decide the best fit.

Hopefully, this guide has shown the contrasts between the two available shapes and your choice will be easier. Each person is different, and so is that love that all couples share. Just focus on the message and the feeling you have for your partner and the answer should become clear very quickly. Good luck and I hope your wedding is as magical as your love for one another!