Whether your order qualifies for free shipping or you are paying for it, you’ll notice there is an upgraded ground shipping option available. There is always an additional fee for this choice compared to our economy shipping option, but the fee varies based on your order total. The ground option will ensure your order is delivered faster, but it also costs more to ship. To clarify the process, here is everything you need to know about our ground shipping option.

How is it Shipped?

When we ship your order via ground, we will use either FedEx Ground or UPS Ground for the carrier. We determine which one to use based on delivery time estimate. If one carrier can get it there two days faster than the other, that can big a big difference to a bride. Each carrier has hubs in different locations, so it allows more flexibility and faster delivery times. Once we’ve selected a carrier, we will email you a tracking number so you know who will be delivering it and when to expect it. If you have a preference or aversion to one carrier, please contact us to discuss your options.

Ground Transit Times imageHow Long does it Take?

Our ground shipping option will take 1-5 business days to arrive, including “handling” time. We ship from Minnesota, so times will vary based on your geographic location in relation to us. If you are located near a major city or shipping hub, you will likely receive your shipment sooner. You will be provided with a tracking number via email to see the progress of your package as it makes its way to you.

Does Choosing the Ground Shipping Option Decrease Handling Time?

No. We treat the handling process of each order the same regardless of shipping method. Typically, orders are packaged and shipped on the same day that the order is placed. Otherwise, it will be sent on the following business day. The only benefit of choosing our ground option is that the transit time. It will get from point A to point B is much faster.

Should I Choose Ground Shipping or Stick With Economy?

Ultimately, this depends on your wedding date and when you are ordering. If you need your wedding sparklers for an event happening in less than two weeks, choosing our ground shipping option is a necessity. However, if your wedding date is three weeks or more away, then upgrading your shipping may be wasteful. Our economy option will save you money and the sparklers will be delivered in plenty of time for the event. By referencing the shipping time estimates on our shipping information page, you can see the time frames and make an informed decision.