Often times, people associate “the biggest” with “the best”. Not surprisingly, there are many situations where bigger is certainly better. For that reason, many couples look for giant sparklers to have at their wedding celebration. However, using only size as your driving factor can be a huge mistake. Choosing the right sized wedding sparklers requires careful consideration, so you need to weigh out your options completely before making a decision.

In this guide, I will talk about the pros and cons of giant sparklers. I will also identify which attributes qualify a sparkler to be considered “giant”. After exploring all of the different facets, you can make an educated decision on whether this size is right or not for your needs.

What Makes a Sparkler “Giant”

The term “giant” is a little bit ambiguous; meaning it can be determined by a variety of factors. Obviously, sheer size would make sense when handing out nicknames. According to most experts, 36 inch sparklers are considered to be the “entry level” for being considered “giant”. However, there are other aspects that can deem an item to be huge.

For instance, certain styles create much larger sparks during their performance than others. Though not physically as large as other varieties, you might consider the massive sparkles to be “giant”. However, for the purposes of this guide, we will mainly focus on physical size.

What is the Biggest Sparkler in the World?

If you are absolutely sold on the idea of having the biggest sparkler in the world, then you probably want to look at the 52 inch variety. Sure, people have made ridiculously large versions for commercial applications, but they are simply not readily available for purchase. If you want something you can actually find and will be staggering in overall size, 52 inches is what you want.

However, at this size; it can introduce a whole slew of problems. Sometimes a shorter version is more viable, but I will discuss that in the next section.

Pros and Cons of Giant Sparklers

Image of 36 Inch Sparklers Used Duaring a Wedding ExitThere are many pros and cons when deciding whether or not to use giant sparklers at your wedding. Additionally, there are various size options that are all very large; and each type has different benefits and drawbacks. Here is an overview so you can make the right decision for your event.


Overall, there are two sizes that are regarded as “giant”; 36 inch and 52 inch. Each one has different benefits to offer, so I’ve broken them down below.

  • 36 Inch: Though they aren’t the longest sparklers in the world, they still last for over three and a half minutes. That is more than enough time for most wedding exits. Additionally, they create the largest sparks out of any size. Lastly, they are the most affordable of giant sparklers for weddings.
  • 52 Inch: These are the longest commercially available option out there. The massive size and length is a huge draw, but the performance is great, too. Lasting around five minutes, nothing else even compares. They don’t produce the largest sparkles, but they make up for it in duration.


Of course, each size also has its own drawbacks that should be noted. Sometimes, there consequences to having such a large size; and it’s important to consider all aspects before making a decision. Here’s what you need to know.

  • 36 Inch: The largest drawback of this size is that it only lasts for three and a half minutes. Most wedding exits take less time than that to complete, there are still longer-lasting options. If you want longer than three and a half minutes, you need something a bit longer.
  • 52 Inch: This size clearly has the overall length advantage, but it certainly lacks in performance. Most people are just fine with the spark size, but it’s not as impressive as the 36 inch version. Additionally, they are so long that they are a bit flimsy and difficult to control. You can forget about letting kids try to handle these massive sticks! Unless you really need five minutes of sparkling, these are probably overkill.

When is “Giant” Just Too Big?

In my opinion, there is a clear line between being useful and just being absurd. The design of 36 inch wedding sparklers lends itself to stability. Conversely, the 52 inch version is much too unstable for my taste. Even with the thicker steel wire, it is just too heavy and the whole stick wobbles. On top of that, I feel that the instability and huge reach make them flat out dangerous! You can decide for yourself, but I personally think 52 inches is just too long.

Viable Alternatives to Giant Sparklers

What if you need something that lasts over five minutes, but you don’t like the drawbacks of 52 inch sparklers? Fortunately, there are many great alternatives to sparklers at your wedding! Best of all, there are some good ideas that will last however long you need. Here are a few ideas.

  • Confetti or Birdseed: Either one of these work great as an alternative. Confetti requires cleanup, but birdseed can be left wherever it lands. Best of all, you can continue throwing either one for as long as your wedding exit takes to complete.
  • Bubbles: This is another great idea that provides unlimited duration. You can hand out bottles of bubbles to your guests and let them go wild! Additionally, you can get a bubble making machine to ensure there is always an abundance flying around the bride and groom.
  • Ribbon Wands: These are a simple and safe alternative to sparklers that will create a similar effect. If you use glittery ribbon and the proper lighting, you can simulate the effect pretty accurately. To save money, you can even make them yourself. Best of all, they last as long as needed and are completely reusable.

Which Giant Sparklers Should I Buy for My Wedding?

At the end of the day, deciding which size of giant sparklers to buy comes down to duration. In my experience, you should never need more than three and a half minutes of performance time. Additionally, the performance is much larger, brighter, and more intense by every measure. That means the hands-down winner to me is 36 inch sparklers. However, if you need them to last longer, the 52 inch version is definitely viable. By being practical about your needs, you can get the best fit for your upcoming celebration.