Weddings are about unconditional love. And what creature knows unconditional love better than your faithful canine companion? He’s been there with you through good times and bad. He may even predate your relationship with your partner. When the wedding planning starts, there’s no need to leave Fido out of the whole production. If you have a dog with an even temperament, there are plenty of fun ways your dog can help with the wedding. However, be careful if you intend to use sparklers or other similar items. Some dogs are afraid of fireworks, so you need to test things out ahead of time.

Ways Your Dog Can Help With the Wedding Proposal

We’ve seen lots of adorable ways that dogs have been made accomplices in a wedding proposal, from carrying a sign that says, “will you marry my master?” to hiding a ring box attached to their collar. If you and your partner spend a lot of time outdoors with your dog, he can definitely be part of the proposal.

Dog at a WeddingWays Your Dog Can Help With the Wedding Photos

Obviously, wedding photos are a place where your dog can really shine. Include him in your Save-the-Dates, your engagement photos, and even photos on the day. Whether your dog’s on the groom’s side or the bride’s side, include him in the wedding party photos for maximum adorability. Make sure he’s looking his best with a bow-tie or a garland of his own. You could even use some wedding sparklers as photo props if your dog can handle being around them.

Ways Your Dog Can Help With the Wedding Ceremony

If your dog’s really well-trained, have him walk down the aisle unattended with the ring attached to his collar. If you’re sure he’ll come straight to you, it’s an adorable sight for the guests. Your wedding day is apt to involve a lot of strangers and stress. So, make sure your dog can handle it before you give them that job. An easier way to include him is to decorate his leash and harness. Then, let the flower girl lead him down the aisle to join you while you say your vows.

Ways Your Dog Can Help With the Wedding Vows

Make your dog feel extra-special by including him in the vows. “I promise that we will be a happy family: you, me, and Fido,” is sure to get a few chuckles and “awes” out of your guests. When you exchange rings, each of you can feed the dog a treat to show him that you’re both equally fond of him.

Shop Our Sparklers for Weddings imageWays Your Dog Can Help With the Wedding Reception

Plenty of people host a kid-friendly reception. Why not make your reception pet-friendly? Provide an enclosed area where dogs can enjoy themselves. Similarly, provide plastic bags for when the inevitable happens. Also, have plenty of water and treats for when the pooches are all played out. Why shouldn’t your best friend have just as much fun today as you do? Just make sure that someone who isn’t in the wedding party is in charge of looking after the animals. That way no one gets hurt or starts hitting up the buffet. You don’t want to spend your wedding day dog-sitting.

When it’s time to tie the knot, there’s no need to pack your canine companion off to the kennel for the day (though depending on the dog’s temperament, he might be happier there). If the dog can handle a little stress and strange people/animals, he can be a welcome guest and even make himself useful.