Fun Rehearsal Dinner GamesWhen you get caught up in planning your wedding, it’s easy to forget the rehearsal dinner. It’s a weird custom, when you think about it–you celebrate the fact that you’re throwing people a big party tomorrow, so let’s celebrate by buying them dinner the night before? Just the same, it’s an expected part of the whole wedding package, and it does provide a good chance for your wedding party and both sets of family to get to know each other. And hey, it doesn’t have to be a stodgy, formal affair. Here are some fun rehearsal dinner games you can do after you eat to keep the party rolling.


For a fun group activity, you can’t go wrong with strapping on some ugly rental shoes and doing some cosmic bowling. It’ll prepare you and your groomsmen for wearing slippery-soled rental shoes the next day! And you can finally show your mother-in-law who’s boss when you get that turkey in the 10th frame. Just make sure you don’t throw your back out or slip on the lane oil–you don’t want to have crutches on your wedding day.


Pub trivia is another fun way to bring a group of people together for an evening of fun and games. Provided, of course, you don’t have an overly-competitive aunt or uncle who will take it too seriously. Mix up the groups and the partners when you form your teams, so you don’t have all of your family on one side and your partner’s family on the other side. Mix everyone up and get them socializing, and the winning team gets to go through the reception buffet line first. That makes it one of the most fun rehearsal dinner games possible!


If you have a few aspiring songbirds in your wedding party, give them a spotlight to shine after your rehearsal dinner. Though it’s technically not a game, it is still a great activity for your rehearsal dinner. Some karaoke bars have private rooms that you can rent so it’ll be just you and your guests, which may bring out the more shy singers in your group. Even if some don’t want to sing, a good time will be had by all; particularly if you hand out wedding sparklers for the non-singing guests to enjoy!


These days, arcades aren’t just for children. In fact, these days most kids won’t have anything to do with an arcade or the games inside them. Why would they? They carry a game console in their pocket. But for adults, video game arcades provide a hit of nostalgia and a chance to feel like a kid again. But unlike when you were actually a kid, now you can prop up a beer next to your Centipede or Galaga machine and play the night away.

Mini-Golf: A Favorite Among Fun Rehearsal Dinner Games

For the full “stuff we enjoyed as kids made better with booze” experience, take your wedding party out to your local mini-golf course and play eighteen holes. There are plenty of opportunities for your friends and relatives to get to know each other among the windmills and water hazards.

Your rehearsal dinner may be a formal affair, if you choose for it to be. But after you’ve had your food and drink, let loose and unwind with some fun rehearsal dinner games that will give everyone a chance to relax and socialize.