Whether you’re planning a destination wedding far away from home or you’re having your wedding locally, giving your guests a gift bag can be a very nice gesture that lets them know you appreciate their support. It can be really easy to forget how much your guests are putting into attending your wedding, so giving them a little something can be a very elegant touch. Though each wedding is different and every couple has their own personal taste, there are a few items that you can never go wrong with by including in each wedding gift bag. Here are a few of the most reliable and beloved items that I’ve personally received in a gift bag at a wedding.

Monogrammed Towels

One of my favorite all-time wedding favors that I received in a wedding gift bag is a monogrammed towel. I’ve actually received one of them on three separate occasions, but one sticks out as my favorite. Two of the towels I’ve received had the couple’s wedding date embroidered onto the towel while the third was personalized to each specific guest. That means my towel said “AJ” on it while my husband’s towel said “CJ”. I thought having the initials of each guests on their own towel was a very unexpected and thoughtful treat.

Wedding Sparklers

Wedding sparklers are a great addition to and wedding gift bag. Placing sparklers for weddings in each gift bag will allow your guests to use them throughout the reception. This can lead to some pretty amazing photos that will stick out in your scrapbook.

Sunscreen and Lotion

When my little sister decided to get married, she decided to have a destination wedding in Key West. In each wedding gift bag, she included sunscreen and after-sun lotion in case someone stayed out on the beach a little too long. Fortunately, I didn’t end up needing the after-sun lotion, but I know a few of the guests really benefited from having the sunscreen on hand because they didn’t plan ahead when they arrive in Key West.

Cold Process SoapCold Process Soap

There are a few things that every single human uses, and soap is one of those items. For this reason, giving your guests cold process soap in their wedding gift bag can be a lovely treat that they’re sure to use. The best part about buying handmade soap for your guest’s gift bags is that it can be used by anyone even if that have skin allergies or sensitivities. Since there no added colors or dyes in handmade soap, you can rest assured that everyone will enjoy their gift.

Gourmet Coffee

Another fun treat to find in your wedding gift bag is gourmet coffee. There’s nothing better than a cup of freshly ground coffee on a Sunday morning, so who isn’t going to like that gift? Make sure you buy something that is packaged to take home since most people aren’t going to have a coffee grinder with them at your wedding.

Bottle of Wine

Assuming you and your guests are all over the legal drinking age, giving your guests a nice bottle of wine can be a very elegant addition to your gift bags. Some vineyards will even add custom printed labels to the bottles if you are ordering enough cases, plus you can get them at a wholesale price. When your wedding guests get home and pop the cork on the wine, they can share in your love from wherever they happen to live.

Wooden Roses

Nothing is more welcoming than flowers, and our wooden roses are a perfect way to do it affordably. You can give your guests a nice little keepsake in their wedding gift bag for only a few pennies. Best of all, wooden roses last virtually forever. Unlike real ones, wooden roses will stay beautiful for many years to come.

Should I Do a Wedding Gift Bag?

No matter what you decide to put in your wedding gift bag assortment, consider your guests first. Your guests are going to love their gift bags, so you should always do them if you can afford it. By giving them a combination of useful and fun items, you can make their experience more enjoyable and more memorable.