Fall Wedding Games - Crossword Puzzle imageThere is nothing quite like a fall wedding. With the summer heat gone and the winter cold not having arrived yet, the ambience of a fall wedding can’t be repeated at any other time of the year. Most people don’t consider fall wedding games, and that can be a huge oversight. It is the perfect season to incorporate games into your wedding because you have so many creative options.

Using Pumpkins in Your Fall Wedding Games

When you are planning an October or very early November wedding, you can provide pumpkins for each guest and have them decorate or carve their pumpkin any way they want. An impartial individual can then choose the guest that they feel did a better job than anyone else and reward them with a prize.

Autumn-Themed Scavenger Hunt

If the weather cooperates an outdoor wedding reception could include an autumn themed scavenger hunt. This is one of those fall wedding games that guests of any age can participate in. Gathering the materials for this game would be easy to do, as you could use items related to the season. It is also a great way for the wedding party to be more involved because they can be the ones to hide the items prior to the arrival of the guests.

Custom Crossword Puzzles

Creating a customized crossword puzzle to hand out at the wedding reception is also a great way to embrace the season. Consider using clues related to the season so you can keep your guests entertained and make the day feel more festive. You can find custom crossword puzzle makers online that you can download, print out, and glue or tape to cardboard squares.

Create a Custom Fall Puzzle

Another creative option for fall wedding games is to create a custom puzzle. Simply take a photo of trees, leaves, pumpkins or other seasonal items for the puzzle’s subject. Set up a table at your wedding reception where guests can come by and help put the puzzle together. This also gives you a unique souvenir of your wedding day. Once the puzzle is complete you can have it glued together and framed.

Games for Kids

If you will be having kids attending, there are some fall wedding games that you can plan just for them. Purchase a bunch of fake pumpkins from a craft store. Additionally, buy colored rings that you can use to set up a pumpkin ring toss. Also, handing out sparklers for weddings is always popular with kids; though you may not call it a game, I suppose.

Football-Themed Fall Wedding Games

For the football fans in your life, if you are having an outdoor wedding you can even set up a touchdown toss game. You can purchase or build the game and set it up for guests. It can be built using plywood and hinges. Cut a circle or two into the plywood and prop it up. That way, guests can each grab a small football and take a shot at getting it through one of the circles.

There are many games that you can include as part of your fall wedding. Your only limits are your budget and your imagination. Including some fall wedding games in your celebration can make the experience fun for everyone. Plus, it will help your guests mingle with each other. These games can be played at your discretion.